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Multisports Net is a sports news platform mainly covering US sports but also sports of international interest. We aim to provide a third party perspective about the sports we cover and also try to give interesting articles with insights into Esports.

We are sports fans based out of Sweden but with burning passion for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. MLS has also grown on us lately and since NCAA is such in important force in the American sports scene we will also cover collegiate sports. Since we also want to make a business out of our interest for sports, we will additionally cover other sports with international interest such as soccer, with major leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A. We of course also cover Formula 1, Rugby, and other niche market sports as well. When there is major events such as Champions League, World Championships or the Olympics, additional coverage will be provided. We always try to satisfy the needs of our fans.

Additionally, for those of you out there who likes to do sports betting, we want to offer all information you could possibly need in order to make the best picks. Read our match predictions, check out the team and player stats, check the odds feed and even find reviews about the different betting platforms.


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