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“He has never fought anyone like me,” Sean O’Malley brags

25-year-old Sean O’Malley will be fighting black belt bantamweight mixed martial artist Marlon Vera on August 15 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, a man O’Malley describes as ‘tough’ but still predicts a knockout at UFC 252.


O’Malley sees Marlon Vera as a robust contender but promises to knock him out

O’Malley has scored two knockouts over Jose Quinonez and Eddie Wineland within three months since he returned from a two year lay off in March. These two opponents, O’Malley believes, were much easier to deal with. However, his recent opposition won’t be as light. He has faith in himself and seemed to have mastered the tricks and strategies used by Marlon.

O’Malley spoke to MMA Junkie, “he’s a decent striker, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, definitely the toughest to date, and that’s what I wanted. You know, it’s hard to show your skills when you’re knocking dudes out in two minutes. It’s like, some people might see it as that was a lucky punch, or that was whatever

“But I think ‘Chito’ might be able to absorb, so extra punishment. So I’ll be able to show more of my skills and be more of a threat, and people will realize that. I think some guys look at my skills and they’re like, ok yeah, he’s for real. Some don’t, so I guess this next fight will get to show a lot”.

It looks like O’Malley is really up for the challenge. He wants to use this fight to prove a lot of things, many of which his skills and stamina.

Marlon lost to Song Yadong in May after five straight wins and a decision loss. O’Malley recognizes Marlon’s wins and all of that and has never faced anyone like him, but he still expects to win. He believes they both have excellent Jiu-Jitsu and striking skills.

He admits to getting a lot of first-round knockouts even as an amateur. He seems to know all the moves Marlon might make and plans to knock him out when he least expects it. In his own words, “so I think he’s going to try and put me up against the fence, make the little trips that he likes and get on top and look for submission

“I don’t think he’s going to be able to put me up against the fence, and I think he’s going to absorb a lot of shots trying to put me up against the fence, trying to take me down and I’ll sneak that one in there. It’s the one you don’t see that gets you knocked out”.

O’Malley claims he has a lot of secret weapons that he’s going to use to take him out. He can know some of Marlon’s skills, they’re both mixed martial artists, but does that mean he should start bragging? Claiming he has secret weapons and all of that? Or is he just trying to provoke Marlon?

O’Malley can brag, but he is right. Eight of his victories out of twelve fights came via knockouts. Most of his fights didn’t even see the second round. He’s that good.

He sees himself knocking Marlon out, be it the first, second, or third round, depending on how much Marlon pushes the fight.


Who will win?

Sean O’Malley was the first to have announced the big fight, and he posted a video on his YouTube channel announcing the news. He had initially revealed Marlon to be his potential opponent a month ago.

He revealed that he prefers to fight in a bigger ring and wishes Vegas will have that to his advantage. “For me, my advantage is my footwork and my movement, so the bigger the cage, the better for me. So Fight Island’s going to have a big cage. Vegas has a smaller cage, but I’d rather fight in a bigger cage”.

Marlon and O’Malley were anticipating a fight a year ago when traces of ostarine were found in O’Malleys’ system. The fight was canceled.

O’Malley seems all enthusiastic and undefeated now, but let’s not forget what his opponent’s initial response to the fight was a month ago. Marlon wrote on Twitter, “send me the papers, and I promise you, I’ll make this guy quick and beg me to stop.”

It looks like both men plan on doing some major damage real soon, who will win? August 15, it is.



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