Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia: Watch Live, Fight Preview and more

The allotted time for discussion is almost up. On Saturday night in Las Vegas, two of boxing’s biggest names Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia will meet in the ring for the first time when Gervonta “Tank” Davis takes on Ryan “King” Garcia. With a lot on the line, Showtime PPV’s main event at the T-Mobile Arena features a fight between two up-and-coming lightweights.

Over the course of the previous few years, the two combatants have engaged in a verbal sparring match in preparation for this bout. And despite being on opposing ends of the political spectrum, both guys went out of their way to make it happen in the world of boxing. Only one person may walk away from this evening with his or her hand

Davis is often regarded as a top knockout artist in the game. He has knocked out 26 of his 28 opponents, including three in a row that has been well-praised. In 2020, he delivered an uppercut so vicious that it ended the career of Leo Santa Cruz. In 2021, he brutally defeated Mario Barrios by knockout after a knockdown. And in 2022, Davis knocked down Rolando Romero with a left hook.

Meanwhile, Garcia provides additional harmony to the assault. His primary advantage is his lightning-fast speed, but he can also quickly extinguish his foes. Garcia has knocked out 19 of his 23 opponents, including his most recent opponent, Javier Fortuna, and his future opponent, Luke Campbell.

Get ready for “Tank” Davis vs. Garcia by reading our comprehensive guide.

Date and time of Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight

  • Date: Saturday, April 22
  • Start Time: 8 p.m. ET | 1 a.m. BST | 2 a.m. CET
  • Main event ring walks (approx): 11 p.m. ET | 4 a.m. BST | 5 a.m. CET

Ringwalks for the main event are slated for 11 p.m. ET, 4 a.m. BST, and 5 a.m. CET, with the main card beginning at 8 p.m. ET, 1 a.m. BST, and 2 a.m. CET. Due to the duration of the undercard fights, these times are subject to change.

How to watch Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Live

Where Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight held?

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is where the bout will go down.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Fight Preview

The year’s biggest fight will begin in a matter of hours.

Until a rematch is offered if one or both fighters desire it, the catchweight battle between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan Garcia may end one of the largest grudges in professional boxing.

However, tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two undefeated fighters will square off.

This weekend is a huge one, as both Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis are risking their perfect records. They’ve been going at it for a while, but now that they’re both in what should be their primes as explosive, strong punchers, this may be the perfect moment to make the fight.

‘Tank’ Davis (28-0-0, 26 KOs) has fought longer and more professionally than his opponent. In 2017, at 130 pounds, he defeated Jose Pedraza to become the world champion for the first time. Over the years since, he’s successfully defended his title, earned a replacement title after his first one was stripped from him due to weight, and added championships at 135 and 140 pounds to his collection. Several of his rivals are also well-known figures in their own right.

However, there have been significant exceptions to virtually all of those cases since then. Pedraza himself was a formidable foe, so this was a satisfying victory. The tank then faced a slew of opponents who had never competed at a world level or who were either far past their prime or significantly overweight.

His most recent matches have shown greater promise. Isaac Cruz has shown he can hold his own in the ring, and his victory against Mario Barrios at 140 pounds is impressive. Even his January warmup opponent, Hector Luis Garcia, had surprised everyone with a pair of impressive victories the year before (although in a lower weight class), so he had his work cut out for him. For someone who has been contending for titles for six years, Tank curiously lacks a string of statement victories; he could need a triumph like this to silence his critics once and for all.

If you look only at the figures, you may think that Ryan Garcia’s (23-0-0, 19 KOs) career isn’t all that different from Gervonta Davis’. However, he had only been a professional for a year when Davis took the crown. A large percentage of that total comes from the first 18 months of his career when he faced 13 opponents who posed no real threat to him.

Only his final three opponents have given him a true test of his mettle. His knockout victory over Luke Campbell for the 135-pound interim championship in 2021 was wasted as he switched weight classes soon thereafter. Despite being knocked down by Campbell in the second round, he was able to recover and continue the fight until being stopped in the seventh.

The victories over Emmanuel Tagoe and Javier Fortuna are noteworthy as well. Not enormous, but between the three of them, he has established that he has what it takes to compete on the global stage. Of course, Tank is the next level up; yet, it is possible that it is not too far away.

Notably, no championships are at stake, which is rare for a boxing tournament of this magnitude. Gervonta Davis’s camp pushed for a 136-pound catchweight, eliminating his 135-pound championship and the 140-pound belt he had previously held after his victory over Barrios.

The fact that this hasn’t dampened anticipation for the fight is indicative of the quality of the spectacle to come. On Saturday, two stars will compete in the ring, belts or no belts.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia Fight Card

  • Catchweight Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia
  • Super middleweights David Morrell and Yamaguchi Falcao
  • Super middleweights Bektemir Melikuziev and Gabriel Rosado.
  • Middleweight Elijah Garcia takes on Kevin Salgado Zambrano.
  • Middleweights Fiodor Czerkaszyn and Elias Espadas.
  • Light middleweights Vito Meilnicki Jr. and Jose Sanchez Charles
  • Heavyweight Floyd Schofield vs. Lightweight Jesus Valentin Leon
  • The Middleweight Fight: Lorenzo Simpson vs. Pachino Hill
  • Light heavyweight match: Tristan Kalkreuth vs. Jaime Solorio
  • Light-middleweight: Jalil Major Hackett vs. Jason Phillips
  • Bantamweights Cuttino Oliver and Roberto Cantu Pena


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