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Amber Howard appointed as new talent head for TalentX gaming

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When a new agency wants to make an immediate mark in any industry, hiring of tried and tested professionals who have some level of zeal in them is something no one can overlook. This remains true in all spheres, especially when it comes to managing portfolios and other critical roles. Because of this, TalentX Gaming has appointed Amber Howard, who is a veteran agent as their new Head of Talent. Recently launched, the new management company is looking towards the areas of gaming, esports, and streaming.


What does it mean?

Howard ‘s task will be to increase the company ‘s roster and develop opportunities for the company’s customers, which oversees the TalentX Gaming division.

Howard also introduced her talent rosters to TXG including Harris Heller of Alpha Gaming, P2istheName, Latin gamers Natalie “ZombiUnicorn” Casanova, Mari “AtomicMari” Takahashi, a pro ballerina and Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler, a 14 years old Deaf Pro-gamer of Fortnite who was the first girl player to join FaZes Clan.

Howard also brings TalentX with Gamemaster, a new Twitch-based contest. The show takes a page from traditional radio talent competitions like the American Idol top 12 amateur gamers for $100,000 to compete together and a gaming contract for a house sharing.

The Amazon Prime Video Series is scheduled to be broadcast throughout the US, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, and Japan.

Howard will assume the leading role behind the activities of TalentX Gaming to pull together prominent consumers from all over the globe, including athletics, technology, and online entertainment.

Howard spoke at a release about her next company. She shared her joy at her new role and put down other items she should focus on.

“TXG’s commitment to always put its creators first really struck a chord with me and made it an easy decision to join the company. Gamers have been underrepresented for too long, even though the talent and esports industries are booming. We have an amazing opportunity to bring more visibility, monetization, and growth to this community of creators.” She said

“My recruiting strategy has always been to keep it open and diverse and to look for and work with creators and brands that break the mold. I envision a deep and balanced roster of creators who represent the diversity of the entire gaming community in gender, accessibility, and culture.” She added.

As a Talent Development leader in NFL Media from 2009 to 2013, Howard has a lengthy background of talent management since going on to IMG. After two years at the management company, she joined Machinima in 2015 as a senior manager for Talent Relations. Howard worked with Abrams Artists Agency until he entered TalentX Entertainment, which guided the Firm to grow games and sports.

According to Jason Wilhelm, CEO of TalentX, the company was founded on a “Creator First” philosophy. As such, teamwork had to make sure the leaders with a long record of achievement in their respective fields lead each group. The company is looking forward to Amber to help drive TalentX and its developers to the next stage.

Having an explicit knowledge of gaming at this point, Howard’s talent management experience is a big deal for TalentX Gaming. This seems a great deal. The company’s initial client list appears impressive, and we hope more and more influential people in the world of gaming and sports would be expected to ship shortly.


About Amber Howard

Howard was a talent agency at the A3 Artists Agency most recently. TalentX Gaming (TXG) is intended to attract various sports athletes and play influence members and to increase the careers, according to the company, of the exciting creators to new heights.

As an NFL agent, Howard began her career but has moved on to sports since then. She scrutinizes YouTube and Twitch to identify the strongest young competitive females, then introduces them to the tools that will carry them into the spotlight. She wants to help bring competitive women to the world.


About TalentX

As the leading social network monetization and talent growth service, TalentX Entertainment was founded in 2019. Each creator wants to be a part of the company in the digital environment – from TikTokers, YouTubers and Twitch streamers, and so on. TalentX ‘s slogan, “Creator First,” is to create partnerships and plans with each of its clients ‘ best interests.


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