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Atlanta Reign begins 2020 homestand; Day 1.

Are the four teams, OpTic Gaming, Minnesota RøKKR, Florida Mutineers, and Atlanta FaZe, better than what we saw two weeks ago in London?

The Atlanta Reign season 2020 is said to be the second season since Atlanta Reign came into existence in the Overwatch League under head coach Brad “Sephy” Rajani. Atlanta will be hosting two homestand weekends this season with the first held at Coca-Cola Roxy, and the second location will be communicated as soon as we receive a word.

On Saturday, fans began to troop in ahead of the commencement of the Atlanta FaZe homestand. So many questions are being asked about the Atlanta FaZe’s first homestand, some of which include; could the Atlanta FaZe put together a solid turnout for their first home event? Will the tournament somehow be forced online by the lobby bug? How reliable is the LAN environment?  Well, a few answers have surfaced after the first day of the tournament.

First of all, they fixed the LAN environment. The tournament was not forced online by the lobby bug as people expected, the Day 1 tournament was completed on LAN without any major technical issues. 2019 world champion and SMG player for Atlanta FaZe Chris “Simp” Lehr had said that, “The developers wouldn’t let the event not happen. So I knew there was going to be a fix at some point.”

Even though the crowd was not as organized as the Atlanta FaZe would have wanted it to be. The excited fans occupied the floor seats for FaZe, and the biggest winners of the weekend are most likely to be FaZe since a fan meet and greet already held by FaZe Clan renowned pro gamer and Co-founder Thomas “Temperr” Oliveira and as a result, created lines that bent in around the upper level of the venue. The local crowd may not be energized easily, but if you can get the Atlanta fans to side with you, they can be very loyal.

The Florida Mutineers and The Minnesota RøKKR Were first to Not Shown Up

Out of the four teams, the Florida Mutineers and the Minnesota RøKKR were the first who had not shown up since the weekend that began the season in Minneapolis, RøKKR home soil. Minnesota is really interesting to watch because they have a strong team and should be contending against the likes of the Paris legion and the Roya Ravens for the fourth to fifth position in the most powerful polls and rankings.

With the RøKKR’s performance we have witnessed today and their homestand, they have proved that every player in their lineup can charge up at any time. Today was Adam “GodRx” Brown’s turn, and since they had lost to the Chicago Huntsmen, you can expect an epic battle with Paris ahead of the finals. The Florida Mutineers performance today was not so great, even though Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom and Preston”Prestimi” Sanderson had their time in the spotlight when they came at OpTic and the Royal Ravens, they would still need to be consistent in their winnings if they want to stand a chance. Based on the performance today, the Mutineers would be the underdog when they go up against the Ravens tomorrow.

The Atlanta FaZe wiped out their competition in the Call of Duty league opening weekend by posting high K/D scores and releasing just one map in both of their matches. Even though they had high expectations for an incredible performance, their victory over the London Royal Ravens sealed the Atlanta FaZe, the golden tournament team. And there is also the new Los Angeles OpTic who have not won any match yet, which was unexpected since everyone had high hopes for them and since they possess the talent and the experience.

The Huntsmen would inevitably meet the Atlanta FaZe in the grand finals mainly because the Chicago Huntsmen’s performance was not encouraging. After the Toronto Ultra almost obliterated them on Saturday in their first series, here’s what Matthew “Formal” Piper had to say for the Huntsmen, “I think our team, we didn’t talk about it, but I bet we all thought we were going to beat them regardless, so the fact that it came that close was whatever. It does happen. It’s something we’ve got to work on for sure.”


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