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BLAST’S Expansion Dota 2 Sponsored by Betway

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In expanding its business relationship with eSports organizer, BLAST, online betting company, Betway will sponsor the first Dota 2 tournament “BLAST Bounty Hunt.”

In collaboration with BLAST, the bookmaker has been financing its CS: GO “BLAST Premier” and “BLAST Raising” competitions since 2019.

The collaboration centered on the compelling relationship between the two firms in 2019 and would provide several Betway branding and marketing incentives in the season.


Betway/Blast Relationship

The BLAST Premier is regarded as one of the most popular and creative counter-strike competitions of the esports calendar, formerly the BLAST Pro Series. Betway ‘s update is a groundbreaking moment for the multinational entertainment business when it launches the latest platform in 2020 after positive input from customers on how to develop the right experience for the public.

The 2020 Series provides the ability for any player to qualify for the Global Final and two regional finals, as well as a new play in framework. The winning team of the Global Final would get a massive $1 million off the table.

A 5-day knockout unique tournament with top teams including Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Hidden, Team Nigma, OG, and Team Liquid participating in a $150000 prize pool will be conducted on 9 June at The Blast Competition Dota 2.

In expectation of global reporting, the Betway brand features prominently on BLAST Search matchday streams.

The extension of this relationship represents a remarkable collaboration between BLAST and Betway over the past 18 months, according to Leo Matlock, BLAST Commercial Manager. Again, he said that these are both in their attempts to be market pioneers in esport and to provide audiences with the best potential content.

He added that with their extension into one of the most played and enjoyed games of the year in Dota 2, BLAST is looking forward to continuing this groundbreaking relationship. According to him, the company cannot wait to produce the Dota 2 tournament world-class that fans expect, and are happy that Betway supports and partners with them to achieve this.

Betway announced it would feature his popular ‘Skill Shot Challenge,’ a live sporting game that allows viewers to forecast the individual outcomes of their competitors for prizes, and to enhance their dedication to a live audience.

Adam Savinson, Betway ‘s sports director, said that they have been incredibly useful in partnering with BLAST on its counter-strike in 2020, rendering the choice to help the participation in Dota 2 a rather simple one. According to him, BLAST is excited to introduce their creative and entertaining style to a modern game and to be able to support them undertake this trip.


Betway’s “Marriage” to Esports

Betway previously supported many organizations, including the DreamHack Masters’ Spring, and tournament hosts, inside the Esport community in May. A variety of popular agreements were formed on the sportsbook with sports developers, such as BIG, Invictus Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Made in Brazil and PSG.LGD.

All of the above are existing sports teams, which offer Betway a distinct footprint. Betway featured with others, including Valve, Dota 2 ‘s founder, on the PSG. LGD team jerseys. Nonetheless, sportsbooks became more popular in the traditional esports sector, resulting in fewer objections from businesses.

Dota 2 also now allows players to make fake bets using in-game currency. In respect to the BLAST Bounty Hunt, Team Liquid and Team Nigma and Alliance versus Ninjas contest the first matches in Pyjamas. The champion must progress in the Upper Bracket to face Team Secret to OG on both hands. The extinct squad must wait for the winners of the Lower Bracket in the next round.

Owen Davies and Ioannis Loucas will be casting the event and Jorien van der Heijden will report. Troels Lyngholt Nielsen (syndereN) and Kevin Godec (Purge). The event ends with a major BO5 finale on June 13.

Betway has done a great job in supporting the esports industry. The future looks brighter as online betting and esports seem to have been growing simultaneously over the past few years. In the coming years, if this should continue, Betway will become a household name when it comes to the sponsorship of esports competitions, and this will aid significantly in the growth of its business and brand positioning.


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