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Collegiate Esports: Students starts careers in Esports

Crowded esports stadium

Electronic sports is a million-dollar industry. Game developers, players, and the organization as a whole are making loads of cash out it. The sports is fast developing in different parts of the world with various franchises which holds championships every now and then. There is good news, US-based universities are launching careers in the video gaming world.

The University of California Berkeley, the University of California Irvine, and the University of Utah are schools that are encouraging students to take up the course not only for competitive playing but for business, sales, and administrative roles. According to CNN, some colleges such as Baruch in New York, students run clubs where they can compete on a collegiate level, but many schools do not offer esports networking opportunities, and extracurricular activities are student-run.”The teams here have been club-oriented and student-run, not a direct university-owned and pushed enterprise.” Andy Phelp, a professor, and director of American University GameLab  University, had said.

Esports events at University of California Berkeley

Hundreds of students at the University of California, Berkeley, gathered on Halloween to connect with Fortnite players, streamers, and an Esport CEO. Other Californian schools are holding similar events this month. SoloMid, partly know for playing in League of Legends will be recruiting at those schools for its summer 2020 internship and the capability of full-time positions.

On the other hand, some students worry about their future in studying the sport. “Esport is such an unstable career path. It’s an industry where parents are like ‘oh you probably shouldn’t do that'”, says the 20-year-old Julia Shen, an English major at Berkeley. “But it is nice these companies are willing to put it the time to help,” she added. As some students are complaining, others give good remarks about the initiative and how they have made money through it.

What advantages does this initiative have on the electronic sports industry? Well, this means more money for them. Students start learning about this sport, develop an interest in it, get recruited and trained, probably joining one the franchises, they start to make money not only for themselves but for the organization as a whole. These students will be exposed to different elements involved in the game to equip them for the future.

Students in the industry will not only generate income, but it will also help to promote the sport. Colleges do not only comprise of students from the particular state or country they are built-in, but students also come from different countries, far and near, they come to acquire knowledge and skills. Some of these students go back to their countries after they graduate. Consider this, a student from Africa or South America come and learns about Esports, develops the interest and goes back to his or her country, don’t you think he will tell his indigenous people about the knowledge he has acquired? How about setting up a video gaming club and teaches people about it? This will promote and expand the Esport.people will be curious to know more.

University program helps students with Esports Career

As noted above, this program does not only encourage students for competitive play or make all of the professional players. It also equips them to become marketers. They can take-up marketing and public relations. The public relations executive will work with journalists and influencers to secure positive coverage of their brands, making advertisements, and signing sponsors to grow their fanbase. There are also production and broadcasting roles available for students when they graduate, their role ranges from lightening and camera work to guaranteeing technicalities are in good shape. There are more careers waiting to be taken up by these graduates; game developing, programming and audio engineering are just a few of them.

Every good thing begins on a slow note, this endeavor will not end in the United States universities, other universities around the world will soon have the urge to add the activity to their programs. One of the aims and objectives of the Electronic sport organization is to have it recognized as a sport and make it known to people around the world. It is already accepted in Asia, North America, and Europe and is still making headway to the rest of the world. Just like Rome, Esport cannot be built in a day.


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