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Commercials in Esports: Live Media partners with MissClick Tv whiles Simplicity Esports acquire Texas based centre

Live media, the Peru based production company which focuses mainly on Esports has entered into a partnership with Brazilian broadcasting company to collaborate and produce content to promote the two primary Esports Valve cooperation with a focus in Dota 2


Live Media Esports Entertainment and MissClick partner to expand Liga Pro gaming into Brazil.


As part of the agreement, they will discuss the extension plan of the Liga Pro Gaming, which is of great importance because Steam is expected to announce details about the structure of Dota 2. The press release shows that the format is quite identical to the Riot Games League of Legends.

The agreement will also unlock the transmission of Liga Pro Gaming in Portuguese.

A statement released by Luis Carrillo Pinto, the Cheif Executive Officer of Live Media Esports Entertainment, reads, “Brazil is an esports powerhouse on the continent. It has world champions in CS: GO and every competitor in Dota 2. In our next official tournaments, we will include several Brazilian teams in both Dota 2 and CS: GO, which will increase the competitive level. In this growth, being allied with a broadcasting company such as MissClick tv allows us to reach out with our contacts and sponsors to the most important market in South America.”

He also went on to point out that the organization shares the Publisher’s Philosophy of promoting Dota 2 in Latin America, and that is why they are giving space to the South American teams from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and  Ecuador. He concluded that “the objective is to break a vicious cycle in which only Peru and Brazil are the only protagonists of South America.

” Movistar’s contribution to Esports is very important, it is an example of what they do in Spain, and now they have replicated it in Peru with the most competitive Dota 2 league in the region, recognized throughout South America. At MissClick TV, we work with great passion, we have a great talent and production team, and we want to contribute to the growth of Dota 2 in Brazil

“This partnership with Live Media strengthens both companies for future projects.” CEO of MissClick TV Guilherme Pereira Cerdera Martins added.

The collaboration between the two companies means more eyes and ears, more recognition, and pushing the South American teams is also commendable.


Simplicity Esports to open doors for more competitors by acquiring PL Gaming

In other news, Simplicity Esports has acquired one of the most successful franchisee-owned Esports Gaming Centres in its nationwide footprint, PL Gaming Texas LLC. The acquisition came with a combination of cash and restricted shares of common stock.

Roman Franklin, who is the president of Simplicity Esports, spoke about the news in a release, “Our franchisee has done an excellent job building, staffing, and growing this location. The gaming center consists of over 30 gaming stations, gaming-related merchandise, and accessories for sale, and a quality staff that will remain in place after the acquisition to continue serving the center’s thousands of existing customers.”

Simplicity Esports is a franchise of over 40 esports and gaming centers, which  Apex Legends, PUBG mobile, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Brazilian brand Flamengo Esports.

The company only reported royalty fees collected from the franchise in financial statements, according to Franklin. With this opportunity, Simplicity will be opening big doors for casual competitors in a social setting.

Electronic sports organization is always one step ahead when it comes to making the sporting discipline known to people. Esports can be the next big thing, and it’s just a matter of time, with the way the coronavirus has taking over, putting anxiety and fear into people, a lot of them have taken to video gaming to deal with boredom and to protect their mental health.

Regular sports are having trouble returning, baseball, basketball, football are all trying their best to bounce back, but the virus keeps spreading, and the struggle to keep players together is real.

That is why electronic sports are a go-to for many people. The deals, partnerships, and commercials are just beginning to being recognized as a popular new kind of sport.


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