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Commonwealth games federation partners with global Esports federation

The two conglomerates will work on specific areas aligned to Transformation 2022. A sport-focused Commonwealth movement with integrity, global impact, and embraced by communities as they deliver inspirational sporting movements, nurture a powerful sporting movement, activate transformational partnerships, and realize their collective impact.


A step in the right direction for both federations

This partnership with the Global Esport Federation will focus on the following;

  1. Conducting a general analysis of the status of Esport in the Commonwealth and its capacity to support and advance their vision through the joint development of a values-based Commonwealth esport strategy.
  2. Exploring and developing athlete-centered, sports-focused initiatives, and campaigns that harness and evaluates the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, integrity, and innovation amongst others in esports across the Commonwealth.
  3. Exploring the development of sustainable esport properties(competitions and development initiatives) that could benefit the CGA’s and the wider Commonwealth through promotional and partnership opportunities that connect and serve athletes, citizens, and communities.

CGF President, Dame Louise Martin acknowledged how the Commonwealth games federation saw a dramatic rise of Esports in terms of participation, especially the young people amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She believes that the interest in Esports has “increased significantly,” which shows the importance of connecting people during a difficult time.

Dame also revealed how the CGF had been looking for a way to connect with the GEF to explore how it can work together with them to support the sustainable development of commerce, connectivity, and digital infrastructure across the Commonwealth. She is confident that the Global Esport Federation is the right to help undertake these projects.

Chris Chan, who is the president of the Global Esport Federation, expressed his excitement, says they feel honored to been given the opportunity to partner with the CGF; he claims the partnership will aid in their mission to make Esports recognized by everybody around the globe. He went ahead to praise the president Dame Louise and the entire CGF for the excellent work they are doing in terms of the sports movement.

He made emphasis on how the partnership will help develop a pathway for a progressive, inclusive, and visionary future for the youth as well as the entire Commonwealth.

How is the partnership helping both parties? 65% of the Commonwealth’s citizens are under the age of 30, the Esport industry seems to be targeting the youth the most, and data suggests that 16-24year olds are most likely to watch the Esport tournaments. 89% of adults in the Commonwealth also use mobile devices to watch the sport.


Who are the federations?

-Commonwealth Games Federation was founded 88 years ago, the official aim of the CGF is to direct and control the Commonwealth games. They are responsible for delivering on the vision of the Commonwealth, thus building peaceful, sustainable, and prosperous communities globally, the same way the sports federation seeks to promote the above in the world of sports, and that is precisely what they are doing at the moment.

-The Global Esport Federation also aims to establish the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige for Esports. Building an inclusive platform to increase the potential of electronic sports and it’s participants. The GEF official website states that the board and it’s related commissions bring together leadership from Esports, gaming, athletics, world sporting organization, entrepreneurs along with technologists to evaluate the understanding and awareness of Esports.

With a vision to cultivate collaboration, strengthen, forge synergies, develop and grow the interface between the traditional esports & sport-based (active) esports communities, THE Global Esport Federation establishes the voice & world authority for the worldwide esports movement.

The CGF partnering with the GEF is a great initiative, the primary goal of the Esports federation is to make Electronic sport an international sport, and with the help of the Commonwealth games federation, it will be quite easy to achieve this aim. The coronavirus pandemic has set some grounds for the spread of the sports, already a lot of young people are into these games, and the boredom they feel nowadays will draw them close to Esports.

Very soon, electronic sports will be just as popular as soccer, football, and basketball, and people will patronize it to the fullest.


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