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Crowdfunding for WoW Esports Events at Blizzcon unsettles influencers and competitors

Blizzard arranges crowdfunded WoW event

In its Crowdfunding initiative, Blizzard have been accused by Kelvin “Snutz” Nguyen for using language it describes as deceptive.

Kelvin “Snutz” Nguyen, a player from the Cloud9 World Warcraft, spoke about Blizzard Entertainment’s frustration about a fundraising campaign that the company used to set up competitions for the World Arena Championship and the Mythic Dungeon Invitement this weekend at BlizzCon.

Blizzard announced in a blog posting earlier this week that each event would be awarded a prize pool of 330 K $(total 660 K). Throughout March Blizzard also offered an aspect of the World of Warcraft service to finance 25 percent of the WoW’s yearly tournaments ‘ revenue, like Dota 2 crowdfunds The International.

The developer stated in the official March Blizzard post that the two events were held when the prize pool was $500,000 guaranteed, or $250 K for each event.

According to the post, every purchase of Transmorpher Beacon or Lion’s Pride and Horde’s Might Fireworks will make up 25% of the revenue for this year’s LAN event prize pool For a limited period. It went further to solicit support from potential investors promising that their funds would help take the prize pool to the next level.

As Blizzard’s first blog posted, a large number of competitors, including Nguyen, felt that Blizzard was contributing $500 K to the prizing of the base prize pool and would add all toy sales proceeds to it.

Nguyen said that earlier this week, players were notified of a prize-pool, and when asked, they said that Blizzard would not contribute any money to the prize since 25 percent of toy sales ‘ revenue is over $500 K in the base prizing pool.

Earlier this year Blizzard announced plans, both for the Arena World Championship and for Mythical Dungeon Invitational, to revamp its WoW Esports efforts through an increase in prize pools using crowd-funding and supporting events all year round.

Nguyen said that Blizzard sold the crowdfunding toy approximately $2.6 million in a tweet earlier this week, while only increasing the AWC prize pool to $50 million.

Blizzard provided an annual award of $250-280 K to the Arena world championship event at the BlizzCon before the addition of crowd-funding this year. In 2017 started the Mythical Dungeon Invitational with global finals with a prize pool of $100K.

After Nguyen’s tweet, WoW’s most observed Twitch influencer, Zack “Asmongold,” brought the competitor on its stream to discuss the situation as several of their viewers had informed him about it.

Nguyen does not compete in WoW for the money, he says. To him, the amount doesn’t matter. He is more concerned about they not putting it in their blog post for what he terms as “obvious reasons” yet he was given permission to tweet what he wants and he’s allowed to take a stance on things.

Popular WoW streamer Asmongold gives more insights

Asmongold joined the conversation with the same issues concerning the deceit and went as far as analyzing Blizzard’s original March post to explain his feelings.

He thinks it’s really disgusting, he said, and that’s not just the term “contribution” but the word “contribution” He said he thought that he would not actually finance it specifically if he used the phrase’ contribute’ when he collaborated for Blizzard. This is a language example that leads people to mislead themselves.

According to Asmongold, he feels that Blizzard should at least have been more open about their plans for the prize pool. Asmongold and Nguyen sponsored the projects by endorsing them, and Asmongold purchased the brand itself, when crowdfunding proposals were revealed.

Again, Asmongold said he the 25% mark for toy proceeds were defended by him per the industry standard.

The link to the Dota 2 fundraising for The International by Asmongold was taken by Ngoyen as a chance to interject by asking what the competition does right with its prize pool.

Dota 2’s developer Valve has a basic award package of $1.6 million for The International. Crowdfunding is only added to the prize pool with contributions of $32,73 M for this year for a total prize pool of $34,33M.

According to Nguyen, Dota does not take that away if crowdfunding does that really well– which it really does. The surplus is just added of what they make from crowdfunding.


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