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David Beckham Joins the Esports Fraternity

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Esports is growing, and this is made evident in the kind of partnerships being formed. The number of deals being brokered and the major announcements that are made as the days goes by even though the physical sport is still the main deal. The growth of esports has attracted many eyes and has got many watching. This has led to the formation of new eSport companies. The latest to join is the Esports Guild.

The new organization looks at building talent through the academy and doing very amazing things. Though their vision is covered with so much grandeur, what makes them unique is even more.


Esports Guild’s Co-owner

David Beckham has purchased significant shares in the company, making him Co-owner. This adds up to his portfolio of investments, which include co-ownership of USA’s Major League Soccer side, Inter Miami FC, a collection of eyewear, and the Haig Club whiskey brand, which he launched with Diageo.

The former captain of the English national team, David Beckham, as co-owner of the Esports Guild, a London based company, moves into the virtual world.

Guild announced in a Thursday release that they would open member academies and direct teams in various areas of competition, including Rocket League, EA Sports, FIFA, and Fortnite.

Beckham, a co-owner of Inter Miami, which plays in Major League Soccer, confirmed that it has a dream for an advanced level to help such stars in the future.

The Englishman, who is 45 years old, said he is dedicated to cultivating youth talents through his education programs and is enthusiastic about supporting the Guild Esports team to expand.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work with players at the top of their game, and I’ve seen first-hand the passion and dedication it takes to play at that level. I know that determination lives in our esports athletes today, and at Guild, we have the vision to set a new standard, supporting these players into the future. We are committed to nurturing and encouraging youth talent through our academy systems, and I am looking forward to helping our Guild Esports team grow.” He said

The Financial Times reported that Beckham is the second-largest shareholder to have a substantial minority interest in Guild through his investment vehicle, DB Ventures.

Beckham, utilizing DB Ventures, and Blue Star Capital participated in a £25 million raisings money round by Guild Esports, with the last contributing £480,000 at 6p per offer to keep up its 11.7 percent stake.

According to a statement, the organization would require “the most capable players” to be selected by scouts to be “coached and nurtured by industry leaders.” Fergus Purcell, who is well known for skate and streetwear brand Palace has been appointed to develop the brand identity of the company.

Carleton Curtis, Executive Chairman of Guild Esports, expressed how excited he is to co-own the brand with Beckham. He further stressed the fact that esports has grown rapidly, and it is not showing any sign of decline; hence, entering the market is a great move.

“”The meteoric rise of esports shows no signs of slowing down, and this is the perfect moment for Guild Esports to enter this exciting market. We have built an experienced management team, and I am proud to have David Beckham as co-owner in this venture as his professionalism and deep experience of developing high-functioning sports teams align with our core strategy of building the best in class esports teams.” He said.

Again, according to Carleton, David will play a part in shaping the Coaching Program of the academies at Guild Esports. This will guide them to welcome his valuable mentoring as well as inspiration for the younger generation. He said that Esports is now one of the world’s most common sports for spectators and will continue to expand internationally with the sector growing entertaining, open, and informed. Guild aims to play a significant role in this growing culture in the future.


About David Beckham’s Role

David Beckham has been investing in Sports, especially after hanging his boots as a footballer. It is interesting to see him join the eSports fray now as it is rapidly growing at the moment.

He will use his influence to attract sponsorship and income for the organization. This must be a win-win for both sides of this deal.



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