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Dr. Disrespect returns with a “Bang” and gets higher views than he ever had on Twitch

On August 7, Dr. Disrespect came back to streaming. The banned Twitch streamer, making his YouTube debut, had more than half a million people viewing.

Dr. Disrespect immediately tackled the elephant in the room: his Twitch ban, with a series of fresh sounds and pictures across the pipe before running what a frequent guest of Doc wanted to see, was actually.

But Dr. Disrespect ‘s observation was, for some reason, substantially more significant than what Doc on Twitch fans used to see before his suspension.

Dr. Disrespect reached 23,813 Twitch viewers during 1,240 hours of streaming last year on Twitch. His total count was just 97,540. Last week, he drew less than one-fifth of his sights on Youtube.

While at every point, Dr. Disrespect tried to make his stream on Youtube recognizable to his followers, he found little to look at the rushed scenery around his ban on Twitch.

Dr. Contempt, a well-known streamer in the industry, has achieved a high of 388,000 subscribers in 2018 on Twitch, according to the Stream Hatchet details before touching more than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube this past weekend.

And how did Doc return to everything for everyone to feel the need to watch streaming?


The X-Factor

That is just what you would expect from the two-time real contents themselves. He retained his childish, self-centered, and arrogant personality. He stayed faithful to the kind of entertainment he often provided on Twitch. While his stream had some new sounds and graphics, his expectations weren’t innovative.

The uncertainty surrounding the business was what led Dr. Disrespect to broadcast the most hyped event in the industry.

In the age of technology, where many corporate transactions in social media go unnoticed, Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch ban may be one of the few things about which many people do not know the specifics.

Dr. Disrespect and Twitch are still threatened with court action, but no one appears to know why he has been completely removed from the site following a lucrative exclusive deal.

While Dr. Disrespect ‘s real-life drama with Twitch can’t be repeated easily, it generated greater PR than the Two-Time ever could produce with his unique accounts.

Despite the peculiar existence of Dr. Disrespect’s case, the brand is so familiar on social media that several of his sponsors have been with him, given the possible dangers based on Doc’s prohibition.

Taking into account the measurements such as Dr. Disrespect ‘s soaring YouTube viewers, advertisers including MTN DEW and Turtle Beach tweeted to help Doc’s return and connected to their pages last week. The account grew by more than half a million to 2.35 million up from 1.78 million last week.

Although Dr. Disrespect ‘s prohibition of Twitch is little understood, Doc’s supporters could place themselves in a difficult circumstance, until anything tragic is discovered that he was guilty. Yet they seem to have more than the amount of exposure they will receive from Doc’s enigmatic situation.

Dr. Contempt has not announced a new daily streaming schedule at this time. He has no kind of contract with YouTube solely for streaming through the network, and his lack of streams could be correlated through discussions behind the scenes to find a new channel.

On his stream last week, Dr. Disrespect admitted that his legal consequences for his Twitch suspension allow him to be exceedingly vigilant in his job. However, he’s already stood before hundreds of thousands and has sponsors to support this decision.

While something alarming may be buried under the surface of the Twitch ban by Dr. Disrespect, his willingness to continue suggests he is sure the details will not become public, or he genuinely feels he is doing nothing wrong.


Doc’s Streaming Schedule

He hinted on a condensed Streaming Schedule, according to Dote Sports, which would mean that as he did with Twitch, he wouldn’t necessarily be streaming every day. Instead, to make things easier, streaming hours will be prolonged with content and will have days in-between streaming days.

“I’ve been trying to figure out, now that we’re kind of sort of getting back into a groove, what does the next level look like for the two-time back-to-back,” he said. “I don’t necessarily think it’s full-time every single day streaming six to eight hours a day Monday through Friday…I think we take the opposite approach. We condense that. Minimize the number of days, the in-between days we work on other things, and then we start building out things from there.” He said



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