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EA announces major changes to Fifa 21 Ultimate Team

Today EA Sports released new details about the forthcoming FIFA 21 games, new logos, a co-op mode, and an Ultimate Team game teaser.

The New Co-op mode is the most significant improvement for the current FIFA. Players can compete in three modes, Team wars, Division Rivals, and FUT Friendlies, online cooperatively with a friend.

Game fans should rejoice that a nervous aspect of the famous FUT game mode is replaced with a major new aspect

Do you recall if you only had to come to the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) next game, but first, you had a squad card to get the players to their maximum endurance?

Okay, there is good news: FIFA 21 has scrapped fitness cards.

EA Sports confirmed that the consumable FUT items-together with training cards would not be available in the new game after hearing Community feedback.

In the next 90 minutes of a match, players will also lose their power and ability but are automatically rechargeable to their maximum level for the next match with these groups.

And teams won’t have to use coins for the purchasing of fitness cards anymore, and they will spend their time using them to play the game or make practical team management decisions.

The removal of training cards means that individual players, such as boosting any statistical category of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, cannot receive attribute boosters.

What EA Sports is going to do to offset the weight of these consumables in packets is yet to be seen, and whether that means that FIFA 21 will get more teams.


New FUT Co-op Mode

Throughout the FIFA video game series, FUT has traditionally been a solo experience. Still, now EA has added some updates to allow players to progress with a partner in the stage.

An online multiplayer mode is introduced, allowing users to engage with a team in group matches, division competitors, or mates together up to two or two head-to-head.

If FIFA 21 fans take on this feature, they will not sacrifice progress individually to their FUT team, with points earned as standard team battles and division matches.

The co-op mode allows the duo in each stable to choose the FUT squad they use, which helps the players to play with different teams and players.


Revamped Division Rivals

EA Sports is also introducing cooperative targets that are unique to this type of game mode-that means that people are encouraged to find friends to play.

Previously, players would have to play more and more matches in-division rivals, like FIFA 20, to be able to earn higher bonuses.

EA Sports decided in FIFA 21 to restrict the number of matches to 40 in mode, and any new matches are to be used only to earn talent points or FUT Champion points.

In the Ultimate Team game mode, more participants can earn high bonuses.

Getting into a group was initially modified, with gamers in the band system is having to get their first place by playing fighting games alone — if they are not instantly confident hopping online.

If people want to be qualified in this way, the old placement method-through rating matches in the rival division mode-is still to apply.

Players should need an alternate form of positioning in-division rivals. The first 30 matches of Squad Battles, according to EA, are going to take into account the difficulties in your placement division and the results of your games.

Training cards and exercise products will be omitted from the FIFA 21 because EA has found that the vast majority of players have not used them in the tournament. Healing products are also condensed into just rare gold pieces.

The FIFA franchise will, for the first time, have a roster of 100 Stars, including some of the greatest football players in the world, including Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff, and Eusebio. The new Icons will also be available to FIFA 21, as the publisher is authorized to produce Cantona, Puskás, Davor Suker, Lahm, Xavi, Petr Cech, Vidić, Ashley Cole, Schweinsteiger, Fernando Torres, and Eto’o versions.

On Oct 9, FIFA 21 will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Fans may pre-order a FUT 21 uncommercial item before Aug 14.


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