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EPOS to Provide Audio For Oceanic Pro League in New Deal

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As the various esports competition runs into full gear, we are witnessing a myriad of partnership deals flying from left to right. The latest is that between EPOS and Oceanic Pro League.

As a “pioneer in high-end audio solutions,” EPOS is set to cover the sound area of Riot Games’ Oceanic Pro League. This partnership will see EPOS as the official sound partner of the League.

The EPOS Audio and Riot Games have shaken hands in a new cooperation arrangement to introduce EPOS’ high-performance audio solutions to Ocean Pro League, according to a recent press release sent by EPOS Audio. EPOS Audio will have state-of-the-art audio support for all participants in the Oceanic Pro League, a pioneer in the region’s eSport league.

Eight teams will compete for the best of the region, but also for that respectable right later this year to take part in the League of Legends World Championships in China. Rightly so, they are still on schedule to proceed with the season.

Meanwhile, Over the past few months, EPOS has continuously increased its presence, extended or formed new ties with BLAST, the Danish organization North and SK Gaming, Germany’s tournament organizer.


Details of the Deal

The EPOS Gaming Global Marketing Manager Maja Frolunde Sand-Grimnitz said about the newly signed partnership that EPOS is very excited to work with Riot Games to release the human potentials of the tournament, which is another aspect of the game. He also said that as a group, they offer 115 years of OPL collaboration audio knowledge and want to expand their portfolio by providing their state-of-the-art sound solutions to ensure that everyone involved has a good quality audio experience.

The continued development of the OPL in Split 1 was significant to be seen, and Riot Games, from the statement, seem delighted to have EPOS in a position as an official collaborator to help and improve the OPL. Daniel Ringland, Head of Riot Sports, Oceania, commented on the deal in a press release that, as a company, Riot games want to work with industry leaders, and EPOS has incredible technology and products for audio, which will deliver the League an outstanding audio performance.

The OPL witnessed an extraordinary growth of the audience during Split 1 (January 31-April 24), amid unusually difficult circumstances as the global COVID-19 pandemic increased 116 percent throughout the year with the average local specific spectators every game day and 239 percent during the final month of the Split.


About EPOS and Riot Games

EPOS is a company that develops and sells audio and video solutions for professional gaming professionals. The Danish established company offers top-notch audio- and video-solutions focused on leading and state-of-the-art technologies and is criteria of architecture, development, and efficiency.

The formation of EPOS is focused on the decision to enable Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co to work in the market divisions of the joint group, known as Sennheiser Communications. In various configurations, KG and Demant A / S evolve. In addition to the launch of a new own-label line, EPOS proceeds to market its existing range of EPOS I SENNHEISER label Sennheiser Communications.

EPOS belongs to the world-leading music and media processing company Demant Company. As such, it builds on over 115 years of innovation and sound work experience.

Meanwhile, to develop the most player-driven games in the world, publish it and support them, Riot Games was founded in 2006. In 2009, Riot announced its worldwide debut game, League of Legends. League has been the world’s most successful PC game and a central figure in the exponential growth of sports.

With League’s second decade, Riot is developing its game and providing players with Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift League, and multiple progressive titles with new experiences. Riot also builds Runeterra ‘s world through multi-media music projects, comic books, board games, and the upcoming Arcane series.

League of Legends, with more than 100 million monthly players, is the most massive PC game in the world. The Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is the regional competitive League of the iconic sports league composed of eight teams that face each other regularly in two splits (i.e., seasons). EPOS joins existing partners of the League, McDonald’s, and Neosurf.



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