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Esports Partnerships

After Riot game’s short-lived partnership with a Saudi Arabian city development project called NEOM, they want to establish an ethics committee to manage all business development and sponsorship deals and also ensure transparency to avoid future implications.


About the committee

The committee will include representatives from Riot Games social impact division karma, the Global Esports team and it’s legal diversity teams, inclusion teams will be added as well. They will report to the developers Head of Corporate and Business Development, Brian Cho and Senior Vice President, Mark Sottosanti.

A report by ESPN saw Riot Games president, Dylan Jadeja, passing some words to his employees. “The intent is for all of us to have a voice to raise, a flag, and for that to be followed through on that team, that department will be responsible for formalizing and reinforcing the deal evaluation framework.”

“We’re not going to comment on specifics of an internet conversation. We’re in the process of re-evaluating our internal processes to make sure nothing like this happens again”. Spokesperson Joe Hixon added.

Riot games had entered into a partnership with NEOM to shape its in-development NEOM city as an Esports hub, but employees had threatened to boycott until the deal was canceled. The contract was indeed terminated after 16 hours of activeness.

Director of Esports for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, released an apology, a day after the disarray. We know well that recently our actions hurt and alienated our community, particularly women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and our players that are in the Middle East. For that, we are deeply sorry. At the LEC, we believe in being inclusive and creating a more diverse landscape for everyone. We also understand that some of you have lost faith in us, but we are committed to taking steps that will earn your trust back. Until then, thank you for sticking with us.”


North American Esport Group Team Storm has entered a partnership with Dr. Squatch to give the “gaming community an increased awareness of sustainable and natural personal care products,” according to Esports Insider.

The partnership will be a first for Dr. Squatch since they have never worked together with any Esports organization. The two parties have decided to offer Squatch customers a 20 percent discount on its products to celebrate the alliance.

Senior Partnership and Marketing at Tempo Storm Ryan Turner spoke about the importance of the partnership in a release. “It was vital for us to collaborate with a sustainable and all-natural company like Dr. Squatch during a time of such uncertainty and stress for people all over the world. We want gamers to take care of themselves, and we see this partnership as a way to help to ensure that our community has access to products that make them look and feel good every day.”

Dr. Squatch is already in partnership with PC Hardware manufacturers NVIDIA and apparel company Meta Threads, and they are looking forward to working with Tempo Storm

Jack Waldrop, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Squatch, is happy about the partnership, more because Esports is a new and developing industry and hope gamers will gladly patronize their products and give it the recognition it needs.

“Launching our partnership with Tempo Storm to bring our products to a whole new industry is a thrill. We couldn’t have asked for a more value-aligned company to be our first esports partner, and we’re optimistic that gamers around the world will love Dr. Squatch products.”

In other news, German Brewery Warsteiner will be an official partner of this month’s online ESL One Cologne event to enrich the fan experience and create a new point of attraction.

eGG network has also joined Relog Media. The eGG will broadcast the third and fourth events in the series to it’s southeast Asia audience providing a more extensive scope of viewers to Relog Media, according to an Esport Insider report.

All these partnerships are in Electronic sports pursuit to expand its territory and make the sports popular and recognized by people, and they’re doing that every day. It’s just a matter of time. Amidst the pandemic, several people are running to Esports, which is clear evidence that they are doing everything right, and very soon, when football is mentioned, Esports will be discussed as well.


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