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Evil Geniuses and LG Form Strategic Partnership

LG Electronics USA has built an integrated multi-faceted marketing partnership with one of the most iconic and original sports organizations in the world-Evil Geniuses-to establish a barrier for competing for gaming and demonstrate innovation beyond borders. LG UltraGear, TM has been named Official Gaming Monitor of Evil Geniuses, as the core piece of the partnership.

The revolutionary LG UltraGear displays deliver extreme lightning gamers and the world’s first one millisecond (ms) show paired with QHD Nano IPS technology for lifelike visuals with vivid natural colors and low contrast across a broad viewing angle. LG UltraGear monitors are perfectly tuned to meet the most robust titles and help lead gamers to a win.

Established in 1999, Evil Geniuses (EG) has formed the historical backdrop of esports. EG is an innovator in the severe overall gaming network, keeping up first-class comprehensively and broadly positioned lists across notable game titles, for example, Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS: GO just as players contending at the most significant level in different FGC games and Fortnite. The EG Dota 2 group is the most successful in North American history, with 4 top three positions in big showdowns and the leading North American group to win The International. In contrast, the EG CS: GO group is victors of the two greatest fall competitions (2019 ESL One New York, 2019 StarSeries and I-alliance Season 8), and in their first LCS split, EG flooded to second in the regular season.

Currently, changes are taking place between both legacy brands. Evil Geniuses has been criticized by founder and former CEO Alex Garfield amid a highly-publicized rebranding, which has appeared recent changes.


Nature of partnership

LG UltraGear Displays will be mounted and used in professional testing and viewing areas at the EG training centers in Seattle and Los Angeles as EG ‘s Approved Gaming Device Affiliate. LG UltraGear game controllers can also be used on the digital material of a squad, and teams from Evil Geniuses can underline main features through unique online LG UltraGear streams. LG continuously adapts its wide variety of testing items to meet the needs of the everyday market of Evil Geniuses through content creation, teamwork, and EG company staff.

Phil Aram, chief gaming officer of Evil Geniuses, said that this LG UltraGear collaboration is the will to have the best in the class in every area of their business. He went further to add that “EG’s insatiable desire to outperform ourselves continually fuels us to be in top form competitively, and with LG UltraGear, we have a partner that’s hand-in-hand with us in sharing that mindset.”.

The newly debuted Crest and LG UltraGear logo was included in EG’s recently revealed rebranding in a complete overhaul of the 2020 player jersey design. The new chariot celebrates its individuality, incorporating unique details for each player while standing out with bold design and sophisticated features.

Speaking about the partnership, Michelle Fernandez, head of home entertainment marketing, LG Electronics USA, said that this is the ideal association of industry-driving gaming innovation and world-class esports experts. He added that “Evil Geniuses features some of the most talented and accomplished esports competitors in the world. LG UltraGear delivers the performance of the world’s top professionals, and all serious gamers need to gain that edge and win.”

LG has launched a dedicated social media channel LG Gaming recently. It has, however, begun by LG Electronics UK and is directly connected with LG Electronics USA in partnership with Evil Geniuses.

Although the partnership between LG and EG and establishing LG Gaming comes from different regions, the company’s recent focus has been on sports. With Garfield’s public comments, EG seems to have been navigating a potential catastrophe and has taken an established esports organization into a new era with a new partner.


2020 LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor Lineup

The LG UltraGear lineup 2020 features the largest list of high-performance game monitors such as NVIDIA ® G-SYN C ® and AMD FreeSync. TM. The UltraGear 4 K UHD monitors (model 27GN950) with a refresh rate of 144Hz are 27-inch and can be overclocked to 160Hz. This award provides a hardware configuration to optimize the potential of LG’s IPS technology to represent colors reliably. LG UltraGear 34GN850 and 38GN950 versions offer broad 1ms IPS screens with a 160Hz refresh rate for players searching for enhanced screen photos and realistic gaming.



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