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Fashion in Esports: What is the “Frosk fit”?

English color caster Indiana “Froskurinn” Black posted a picture of herself on twitter in a smart combination of a yellow hoodie, a light grey open blazer, and matching grey sneakers few hours before the league of legends European championships kicked off its 2020 season.


The beginning of a new fashion sense in Esports

“We want to have fun expressing themselves in fashion, makeup, and style,” she had said in an interview with Emily Rand. She remembered a shoot for their first LEC video, where she brought her wardrobe to the shoot. “I think I put on some lipstick, a hat and my leather jacket, and coming around the corner, Andrew “Vedius” Day exclaimed, ‘Whoa, Frosk! You look completely different!’ I responded, ‘Yeah, I know, right? The power of fashion!’ And it’s that simple. You can completely change your mood, vibe, tone, anything with fashion.”

Froskurinn is not only an influencer and an inspiration to many, but she is also well known as one of the most fashionable casters in a league of legends. She has inspired fans, casters, journalists, content creators, and players.

She continued to talk about how she mixes traditional feminine and masculine patterns and fabrics to make masterpieces. “I always try to play a balance between femme and butch and find it funny how anything I wear becomes ‘edgy’ due to my visible tattoos, so there’s always a game backstage where I try to push more and more extreme to femme or hyper-formal.” She emphasized.

Apart from clothes and fashion designing, she has done graphic and production design works on multiple broadcasts from the first start-up English- language league of legends pro league cast in 2014 up to the official riot games thrown for the Chinese league. She described the experience as a “live- changing adventure,” which assisted her to rediscover herself. It is essential to know that her partner is also a theatre and costume designer, that explains her passion for the trade.

She went on to describe how men fashion influenced her because they were her only companions at the time when she started having an interest in Esports and talked about how she used to buy men suits and have them tailored down to her size.

The color caster explained how her journey through Esports coincided with her fashion sense, how her fashion journey started with a desire to express her gender presentation and sexuality through fashion. She frequently posted photos titled “frost fit” on her Twitter page.


What is Frosk Fit?


The Frosk fit is a daily album of photos on her page to broadcast her everyday outfits and interests and interests with fans. People in the league community are following the trend as well as posting their outfits, sharing ideas, and welcoming each other’s views. Froskurinn encourages them, especially other women in the Esports space be it journalists, content creators or broadcast talents.

The comfort of gamers is one of her topmost priorities which makes her loungewear and athleisure obvious fashion choices for them considering the long hours they spend sitting behind their computers, be it professional players or amateurs

She has recognized and praised LPL teams, Edward Gaming, to be specific to their many clothing lines and branding. “The designs are just so much more thoughtful than what I see in the West,” Frosk said. “You wouldn’t know it was EDG merch unless you understood the culture of the team and the in-jokes, and I think that’s where it’s the peak of performance.” She told Emily.

One hundred thieves and cloud 9 were also in her excellent books, she and her partner were impressed with cloud 9’s spring line with Puma and especially lauded them for seeking women’s opinions. She even finds it more relevant to take into earnest consideration the right size and shape of people before making clothes for them to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence

“Gamers come in all shapes and sizes,” she said. “Make clothing that makes all shapes and sizes feel f***ing cool. And use models of various sizes to show people what it’ll look like on them. A lot of Esports fans can struggle to find the confidence to push the boundaries on fashion.”

We suggest you follow the fashion guru on her Twitter and Instagram pages to get insight and to follow her fashion advice to make that masterpiece you have always wanted to make.


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