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G2 Esports Partners with Pringles

Every organization or sports discipline has aspirations and or levels they want to reach. Electronic sports have been in existence for a long time now. They have achieved some of their ambitions, and some of them are still working on, like broadening the horizons of the sports and give it much needed recognition.

They are announcing partnerships, alliances, sponsorships, and new opportunities every day in pursuit of this. So much that fans can hardly keep track of, today, Berlin-based electronic sports organization G2 Esports has partnered with savory snack brand Pringles to a presenting partner for a series they created to hunt for new talents. The series is called” Making The Squad.”


Pringles have been selected to be the presenting partner for “Making The Squad.”

Making The Squad is in its third season, and it will look to see prospective players secure a place in the G2 esports’ roster. They will also win a cash prize. The upcoming season will focus on FIFA.  Last year, the award was $10,000, but this year’s glory was not yet revealed. This isn’t Pringles’ first partnership. They had joined forces with tournament organizer ESL and signed a deal with League of Legends European Championship and Berlin Gaming center LVL.

Global 4K UHD Channel Insight TV will broadcast the show.

Senior Marketing Activation Manager at Pringles, Andreas Billker, is happy about the alliance. Sees it as an opportunity for both organizations. They were considering Pringles’ substantial global customer base and G2 Esports creativity and innovations and fan base.

“We are proud to announce ourselves as the presenting partner for the third season of Making The Squad.” Billker said, “G2 is one of the innovative and creative brands in esports, so we are hugely excited as to the possible opportunities this partnership offers to our brand and our global customer base.


“In Pringle’s long-standing commitment to the esports and gaming scene, this partnership with G2 and the triad with FIFA is the best next step to anchor our brand in the community progressively.”

What or who exactly is a presenting partner? What role will Pringles play? Will they be delivering potato chips to players? Probably not. Well, they are supposed to promote the show and play an active role in making the series a success, beyond providing cash or in-kind support like a presenting sponsor.

G2 Esports also shares in the excitement and can’t wait to work with Pringles to deliver a spectacular series that fans will not only enjoy but will create a massive opportunity for prospective players.

Lindsey Eckhouse, the Commercial Director at G2 Esports, shared her comment in a release, and she said: “We are hugely excited to embark on the third series of Making The Squad with Pringles on board as our presenting partner. Pringles is an iconic, household name brand that resonates with consumers globally. The annual release of FIFA is one of the most significant moments on the global gaming calendar.

“By marrying the power of these two super brands as partners, we truly believe we are set up to deliver the most compelling series of Making The Squad to date. We can’t wait to get going on creating the latest episodes of our much-loved series for the esports community and beyond.” She added.

G2 sports have been doing a lot of things recently.  They had appointed Mei-Ling Rider as its marketing director. A woman full of experience, experiences she will share with this organization. She is excited and promises to deliver her best into providing ongoing entertainment to “these super-engaged, super loyal audiences.”

They also entered a deal with technology company NVIDIA. They will access the company’s latest hardware and upcoming hardware. They had previously partnered in 2017. Thus this development will be like an extension. Speaking of extensions, G2 Esports extended their partnership into the fifth year with payment platform Paysafecard.

The organization will continue to promote the Paysafecard platform via social media and streaming branding and content and events partnerships. CEO of G2 Esports had acknowledged that Paysafecard had been one of the main reasons they’ve been able to accomplish everything they have ever accomplished and wishes to keep working with the organization.


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