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Games for Analytics Platforms to be Changed by Asteri LiveStream

It’s one thing for video games to be aired. As esports has gained popularity, but it’s another thing to whip up interest and to ensure that many viewers are hopeful of the next game and watch the Live Stream.

How is the viewership of competition increasing? It is not just as easy as sharing more on social media or encouraging broadcasting in business partners. Where would you bring the show before thousands of viewers, all sharing a common passion in video games? Looks much stronger. Sounds great.

Asteri LiveStream is a game commentary channel that shares videos from different platforms to ensure that the experience is accessible to the audience they may reach. There are many built-in services, so how many times will users go to the service?


An Interview with a top Esports Website

In an Interview with Esports Insider, Andy Price, Head of Advertising Sales at Asteri, LiveStream made some exciting revelations.

According to Andy, embedding an event stream provides a lot of other items over and beyond the exposure of your stream on major websites; for activities, it generates a place that can be found almost like advertising for your event. Asteri’s analyses demonstrate that all of the users of the embedded sources eventually perceive and communicate. It is another route to hit the audience with the partners of the activities.

Responding to critics who suggest that Asteri’s business inflates view artificially by placing/embedding streams where people aren’t looking to watch these games, he said that these streams are not embedded in non-relevant web sites. So the company mixes the case or the game with the places that truthfully represent the event. This is not a scenario for purchasing bots, but actual people and gamers who watch the stream and engage with the event. He explained that it’s like a bad soccer game. Some audiences observe, some gaze instinctively, some only learn.

He suggested that the competition bracket system and the partner’s app and web portal are somewhat close to, for example, a football game at the bar with an esports match on It’s the location. It’s worth it. This is another way of communicating with the event.

Besides, he said that the move to select the right partners was significant to the business of the company.

We have many website partners that want to work with us because it gives their audience more content for engagement, and their metrics show this. So, we can pick and choose where a streamer or event wants to broadcast their event and, in many cases, give the event holder a list of sites to choose from.” He said

Asteri has done several events and worked on 30 more live streams over the last few months. According to Andy, they see different needs for their customers. E.g., many of the company’s customers just want more details to see the benefit on their websites for gaming. Other publishers, like one of the larger ones, have used Asteri LiveStream to air their 10-day esport summit, which makes absolute sense. They also have more significant customers who often run essential tournaments.

To conclude, he said that “Looking ahead, we see a lot more truly curated events where we are broadcasting to more targeted audiences on highly compatible websites. So more pairing of live streams with the right websites. We are also adding a ton of product features that will provide our clients and partners with lots of detailed reports on a variety of metrics. ”


About Asteri

Asteri was established three years ago by Steve Gray, an industry veteran who led Tencent Games for a decade to develop a revolutionary platform for game analysis. Asteri has essentially established a way for game publishers to play early on and often through selected gaming websites on their radar.

According to Andy, about one year and a half ago, the company decided to combine the technology and the website network to create a way for the group of game websites to show Twitch streams live. Asteri saw a request for live broadcasting on the relevant and complementary gaming websites made by game publishers and sports events.


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