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Gucci joins the Esports world

More and more partnerships are being formed in the esports world. From tech partnerships to partnerships with celebrities and former traditional athletes such as David Beckham, the scope widens. This time, it’s fashion.

Gucci has invested for the first time with the esport business by asking Fnatic to take part in their most successful menswear series.

The London-based company sent LEC members to the series clad in the nines in Gucci ‘s garments.


Gucci partners Fnatic

Gucci wishes not to sit by the lane, while Louis Vuitton corners the market for esport fashion (apparently substantial). It just unveiled Fnatic ‘s licensed dive watch, a limited edition — no, not a smartwatch, a quartz watch. The badge and orange color combinations of the esports squad and Gucci ‘s iconic “G G” are not that discreet (which is often handy for gamer shorts). Within the coming weeks, there are also proposals for a similar diving game dedicated to the watch that will feature in the Gucci store.

At least, the watch looks good. It is fitted with a 40 mm case of stainless steel, with a water resistance of 660 ft. In the late-night League of Legends and Sieges, Super LumiNova can interpret the time. No wonder, there is an underwater and daily wear rubber strap. This is useful.

For a little bit, Gucci and Fnatic were comfortable partnerings in many spheres, but this is their first product partnership.

However, prepare yourself for price and quality. Gucci is offering only 100 Fnatic watch units for $1,620 each, and pre-orders are now available. This is not the most expensive quartz watch there is on the market. Still, it is particularly critical that you are dedicated to esports fandom (or at the very least watch fashion) to pick it up on a cheaper or equally inexpensive automatic watch. However, Gucci described this as the debut in the esporting arts, and if the plays were more conveniently justifiable, we should not be shocked.

Fnatic also offers a collection of its clothing for the whole season. The business also co-launched publications for other luxury labels such as Hello Kitty and Champion.


Esports and Fashion? Where’s the link?

Gucci enters the sport with Louis Vuitton, a major luxury retailer that has collaborated with Riot Games to launch a collection of in-game pieces in the World Championship of the League of Legends, as well as produce a trophy case for the competition.

According to Venturebeat, esports viewers have several stereotypes; often, people perceive them as just athletes, typically young and male. Mindshare NA data reveals that 60% are millennials, and over 50% of fans are 25-39 years old, half are parents, and 38% are youth. Another analysis indicates that 60% are female. And all of these supporters are well informed of the style. While esport lovers may have different points of passion, they are people of the same kind, and others have been targeted by mainstream brands for years. Once marketers realize this, a much more full world will open up to non-endemic brands to connect.

Again, the website asserts that there is no underestimation of the widespread influence of esports players. They spend considerable time working well beyond the gameplay with their fans. During 2017, Twitch, the leading sportive platform, saw more Internet traffic than anyone except Google, Netflix, and Apple driving influencer streamer accounts. Twitch subscribers are, on average, 421 minutes a month, about 44 percent more than YouTube users.


Through this and other platforms, sports enthusiasts can establish long-lasting fan relationships and trustworthy content, offering brands a variety of opportunities to connect in some communities that they usually cannot reach.

More and more fashion companies produce merchandise for professional teams or using celebrities as an embassy to attract consumers, adopting mainstream athletes’ moves towards making their collections. Around the same time, it is essential to note that a broad range of influencers from academics and streamers to radio figures and presenters are interested. That is why brands must do their homework to find out which influencer is the best fit.

With Gucci’s entry into the scene, more and more partnerships between fashion brands and esport teams are expected. This will further broaden the scope of the kind of partnerships that will come into the game world.



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