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Jacksonville set to welcome new electronic sports arena next month

Esports stadium opening
Esports is definitely here to stay

A grand Esports arena is set for opening in Jacksonville Florida next month.

The goal behind the new esports area opening in Jacksonville is to bring to the local gaming community the full experience they have been missing. The ACE Arena in Mandarin, as it will be called, to be opened in mid to late November and is slated to be quite a massive paradise. At 22,500 square feet capacity, it will allow for hundreds of kids both, competitively and casually, to engage and have fun with their favorite computer games.

The ACE Arena is said to be the very first of its kind and Jacksonville is lucky to have it. The arena is expected to be the largest dedicated esports establishment in Florida, located on 10503 San Jose Boulevard, Suite Number 18.

What you can expect to see in the new gamers paradise:

  • Large open lounge for hanging out, playing board games, hold meetings and more
  • Sponsors showcase and cycle content on 20 digital displays
  • Over 120 gaming systems
  • 4 private training and party rooms
  • Video projection wall on a stage for live entertainment

Founder and CEO of Awkward Croc Entertainment, John Samrie, had shared in a press release that he and his team plan to use the space for training, education, and camps in addition to electronic sports and also community events, co-working and corporate meet-ups.

About Awkward Croc Entertainment

Awkward Croc Entertainment is a management company based in Jacksonville that manages the little electronic leagues, which isa competitive team gaming league mainly for youth

Sarmie also shaed that he will host tournaments with the help of other organizations to draw gamers from all around the country.

Sarmie commented in the arena announcement press release that “People ask, why someone would go out to a place to play video games when they can play at home? We ask the same question about those who go to bars or concerts. They can drink or listen to music at home, but they still go out to socialize with friends”

The facility’s main intention is to be family-friendly and also would serve as a home for the local electronic sports and the little electronic league for the kids. Of course the complex would also provide for adult, corporate leagues and walk-in gamers so no one is left out of all the fun. The establishment will have food on hand, but there were no provisions made for beer and liquor.

Gaming analytics firm, NEWZOO, confirms that 2019 is a major milestone for the global electronic sports market and for the first time is knocking out the billion dollar revenue mark.

According to Newzoo predictions, yearly esports growth will be nearly 27% and revenues will shoot up to $1.1 billion.

Business coordinator, Betsie Green, announced that Stage Creations is excited to partner with Awkward Croc Entertainment and that they are excited about the future and look forward to providing positive experiences and thriving knowledge for the youth. With national reach, Stage creations are a production, AV and design company and that offers management, marketing events and consulting.

College Esports is plays a part

Vice president of the Electronic Sports Club at the University of North Florida, Scarlett Hagmeier, shared that as much as its going to be a tight-knit community, it will also be an open community through the help of an app that allows gamers to get in touch with each other through text and chat, and already has over 150 members in their discord.
According to Hagmeier, the gaming community in North Florida is one of the best she’s experienced and Jacksonville is a large gaming community of which they’re just a small part of.

She also said that there aren’t many places like the Ace Arena since ‘Good Luck Have Fun Game Bar’ got shut down, for hosting gaming events. “It’s sad to see that place go but it’s almost being made up for with ACE Arena coming about” she said

The ACE Arena is currently under construction and is expected to be opened by next fall.


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