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British Esports Association and Table Tennis England have joined forces to promote the relevance of mental health and well-being across electronic sports and sports in general. The partnership will see to players in Esports and table tennis talk about their mental health and stigmatization around the topic.


Table tennis England and British Esports are coming together to promote awareness of mental  and physical health of players

The table tennis players will talk about how gaming is a stress-relieving activity for them, or how it has helped them cope with stress in difficult times. Chief Executive of Table Tennis England, Sara Sutcliffe, sees the importance of this partnership which will encourage people to seek the benefit of an active lifestyle and proper mental health. She spoke in a release,

“The importance of good mental health and physical health has arguably never been in sharper focus than now, and the positive effects of both table tennis and Esports are there for all to see. I’m particularly excited by the potential of this partnership to engage people of all ages and encourage them to speak out the benefits of an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally.”

This initiative will favor both sides. Esports gamers are known to be one of many players who suffer from depression and anxiety, spending hours practicing to be the best, abuse from coaches and trainers, and all of that. That is why this development will help them voice out their concerns.

Tennis players cannot be left out. They equally need mental health days to recharge, talk about it when required to clear the stigmatization about it.  Chester King, Founder and Chief Executive of the British Esports Association are happy about the initiative. “We’re delighted to be partnering with a reputable governing body

“To highlight the positives that both sports and Esports promote. We have lots of ideas and hope to get the conversation going around the importance of both physical and mental health. Table tennis is also a sport that is close to my heart, and I look forward to seeing us get involved with some exciting activations.


Spanish Esports agency, Play the Game wants to expand it’s territory to Argentina

Away from the United Kingdom and issues of mental and physical health awareness, a Spanish gaming agency has decided to expand it’s gaming wings to South America. It is opening an office in Argentina. The agency already has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, one of those offices will now be in Buenos Aires.

Play The Game operation will help navigate Esports in Argentina. It will be led by Agustin Cikes, Pablo Monti, and Daniela Rocha, Arizona. “Four years ago, when Play The Game started, we had a clear goal, to help brands and organizations understand gaming and Esports. To understand it and to reach an audience that traditional media can’t

“What we didn’t expect was to grow geographically this fast. We now reach LatAm’s Southern Cone willing to help the ecosystem and the organizations to climb to the next step” Oscar Soriano Mullor, Co-founder of Play The Game Barcelona, spoke about the expansion. Making Esports recognized throughout the continent is one of the organization’s primary goals, and that is what they are trying to achieve with all these partnerships, expansions, and alliances.

Play The Game has worked in close partnership with Nike, Peugeot, BBVA, Citroen, Burger King, Chupa Chups, LG, and Danone to help make Esports known and accepted in Spain.

Cikes also commented, “Opening Play The Game’s office in Argentina sums up the work we started at Latam Media Group (LMG) more than three years ago. We covered the most relevant B2B esports events in the world, and that allowed us to witness the entrance of non-endemic brands to the ecosystem. We string along with this evolution that now has LatAm as a huge emerging market, closely followed by the world’s best teams, tournaments organizers, and other brands.”

In these challenging times with the coronavirus pandemic, many people are taking to video gaming and electronic sports to keep their sanity and playing video games like 2k, call of duty, and many more. That’s why it’s a good thing what these organizations are doing, trying to get the Sports recognized, developing more games every day and all of that.



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