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Daniele “Jiizuke” will join Evil Geniuses

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Jiizuke will sign a deal with the Geniuses, sources say.

Evil geniuses, an esports organization based in Seattle, is known to be set to sign former team vitality mid-laner Daniele “jiizuke” Di Mauro after they had failed to recruit Griffin mid-laner Jeong “chovy” Ji-hoon per information gathered by ESPN sports.

Chovy will stay in South Korea and sign a deal with Dragon X along with 2019 teammate Choi “Doran” hyeon-Joon. Chovy left Griffin on November 25 and became a free agent up until November 18. He had received a whopping multimillion-dollar offer from Evil Geniuses.

He is an excellent player, and people wanted him, but he rejected the offer and took a lesser deal with Dragon X to reunite with former Griffin coach “CvMax” dae-ho. According to information gathered,  Choi “Doran” Hyeong- Joon will also move along with Chovy after competing with Griffin throughout the 2019 season.

Evil Geniuses, how have they been working?

Evil geniuses had internally decided to add a foreign top layer with a particular interest in former award-winning team SK telecom T1’s top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and many others and also signed a North American mid laner such as Tanner “Damonte” or Eugene “Pobelter” Park. But Khan chose to move to China instead of North America to sign with FunPlus Phoenix, the reigning champions. Evil geniuses failed to comment on this.

The Genuises had started its offseason by facilitating a million-dollar deal with Cloud9 to acquire four players, which included top layer Colin “Kumo” Zhao, Jungler Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen, supporter Tristan “Zeyzal” and AD carry Matthew “deftly” Chen. And they are now adding mid-laner Jiizuke. The team is also known to have reached an agreement with 100 Thieves for the former line up for the league championship series will consist of Kumo, Jiizuke, Svenskeren, Bang, and Zeyzal.

“Ohh yes,” what are fans saying on social media about the deal yet to be signed?

Some fans feel enthusiastic about it; others do not. “Great pick up, can’t wait for svenskeren and jiizuke to roll over LCS. I think this pick up makes the roster top 3!” Says a fan. Someone else disagreed with this comment and added that ” was hoping Sven would have at least one elite lane to play with, seems like he’s going to have to do a lot of heavy lifting on this team.” We cannot blame the latter, he probably thinks there was someone “better” coming. Jiizuke was not even Geniuses first choice but who are we to underestimate his abilities, he is yet to play, he can prove himself, and after all, he is aiming to push forward to help make Genuises LCS debut a success story to look back on years to come.

Evil Genuises had acquired the slot previously owned by Echo Fox for $33 million in September, marking their return into the League Of Legends, which last competed in the LCS in September 2014. Peak 6, a Chicago based investment firm had acquired a majority stake in Evil Genuises in May and appointed of it’s associated Nicole LaPointe Jameson as its top executives. The team has been absent from the industry’s biggest games forgetting they were once one of the most popular export brands in North America.

CvMax’s suspension and the postponed suspension is still making headlines.

“CvMax” Dae-ho, former Griffin coach who was suspended and banned indefinitely from all riot games and LCS activities on November 20, based on physical and verbal abuse of former players, is still the talk of the town.

Three of his players had come out to talk about the abuse in an interview with Iven Global; they were Choi “sword” Sung-won, Lee “Tarzan” Seung-Yong and shin “rather” Hyeong-seop and they had also spoken about CvMax’s conspiracy with Griffins coach. Investigations were carried out.

Riot games recently postponed their ban on CvMax after public outcry and petition that had reached 200,000 people on the presidential website drawing the attention of Korean president Moon Jae-in, describing the verdict of Riot game as unfair and not trustworthy. Riot games agreed to have a third party reinvestigate the allegation.

We wish Jiizuke all the best, and we anticipate his stay at Evil Genuises.


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