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G2 Esports VS. Fun Plus Phoenix. Who wins?

league of legends world championship

League of Legends is an electronic sports tournament for the video game developed by Riot Games. This year’s championship has been held from October to November 2019 and the finals will be played tomorrow. the tournament took place in Berlin, Madrid, and the finals will be in Paris. It started with twenty-four teams which are now down to two, Fun Plus Phoenix and G2 Esports.

Among the good teams that qualified were SK Telecom T1, winning it multiple times in the past, Fnatic also coming second a few times, Splyce, Griffin, Invictus gaming, the winners of 2018 and so on. Now let us look at a brief description and/or history about the two teams.

G2 Esports, formerly known as Gamers 2 is based in Germany and was established in 2013. They came first in “DreamHack” Open Tours in 2017, ESL Pro League Season 5, DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 and a lot more. G2 Esports is undoubtedly a good team but have they ever won the League of Legends championship before? No, will they win it this year? Possibly.

Fun Plus Phoenix is a Chinese professional electronic sports organization owned by video game developers Fun Plus. Founded in 2017 and is based in Beijing. They came first in 2019 LPL summer players, 2019 summer split, spring split e.t.c. they made it past twenty-three teams and are now in the finals. Will they emerge winners?

No SKT or Faker in the finals

A few days ago, Fun Plus Phoenix’s Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang had said, ” G2 only defeated SKT because of luck if G2 met us in the quarterfinals, they wouldn’t be able to progress to the semi-finals”. Well, they progressed to the finals and the response from G2’s top player Martin Lanson was that their match against SK telecom was the “true finals” and Fun Plus Phoenix was going to get a “reality check” in their series. A bit of a drama there but Martin might just be right, maybe their win was the true finals considering the fact that they had won against three-times world championship winners, SK telecom. That brings them one step ahead. But let us not forget Fun Plus also played against reigning champions, Invictus Gaming.

G2 has also deemed a slight favorite because of their victory at the 2019 midseason invitational and have proven their skills throughout the year. Fun Plus on the other side is also a good team, they have played against both European and Asian teams and have excelled. They have no been in existence for a long time but their dominance has been extremely amazing and their accomplishments are definitely something to write home about. Again rumors have it that Fun Plus might be the best team in the world. Well, they can prove that to us tomorrow.

Both “caps” and “perkz” are good players though they are rivals. Ramus “Caps” Winther, 19, professional Danish player is considered one of the best and has promised to do his best to bring the cup home. “Mid lane is the strongest role, so there’s a lot of strong players. There’s a lot of players on my level and stronger. I just have to prove myself. Winning Worlds would be a start to that. It’s a marathon; you want to keep at the highest level.” he said. Luka Perkovic, also known as “Perkz” plays for G2, he was named “Rookie Of The split” for the 2016 spring EU LCS which G2. “After one year of playing AD, I’m being compared to probably the best AD who’s ever played the game. It feels good,” he says. “I think I’m a better midlaner than bot lane, but I think that a lot of my skills from playing mid are really beneficial in the bottom. Playing AD Carry is really different. You are just much worse as a role. You don’t have any influence, but if you know how to pressure the game and you’re ahead, you can be oppressive”. Both players are looking to bring on their best tomorrow.

Fun Plus Phoenix and G2 Esports are good teams, if they were not, they wouldn’t have beat those teams, those twenty-three teams. It is now up to them to prove themselves, winning the league of legends for the first time in their history. The match will be played tomorrow at 12 pm at Accor Hotels Arena, Paris. May the best team win!


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