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Mercurial Dardoch ready to do his “Absolute Best” at TSM

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Dardoch has finally joined Team SoloMid four years after his first tryouts

21-year-old Joshua Harnett “Dardoch” signed into team SoloMid a few days ago as a starting jungler for the 2020 League of Legends championship series. He had tried joining the team way back in 2016 but was not accepted immediately and he continued playing for Team Liquid.

Dardoch has played for Immortals, Counter Logic Gaming, Echo Fox before settling down with Optic Gaming for 2019 LCS. Fans believe Dardoch might just be what team SoloMid needs to get to them to the top since the team has not been doing well in recent times.

And now that he has officially been chosen as SoloMids’ starting jungler, would he follow the playbook of TSM lineup pasts and invade his opponent’s second blue buff? His response was, “well, that depends on the champions we are playing for, sure for who hers the blue, there are cases in the game where it’s better to go on jungle and better to go on mid” he had said. “It’s all up to interpretation for sure and how the players specifically think about it. If that’s the play, I’ll go towards the second blue,” he added.

Who is Team SoloMid?

Team SoloMid was one of the best teams, North America’s most iconic brand, they had a very strong fanbase, they sometimes invaded second blue buff and did get away with it. But in recent years, the team’s brand has shifted from iconic undeniable success to that of a squandered potential. Their 2018 And 2018 line up looked strong but failed to win a domestic title. It is a fact that the team had a problem with their jungle position. Rookie Mingyi “spica” Lu, “Aladdin” Higginbotham, Jonathan “Grig” Armao are all not doing any better, they were never doing better in the past.

Dardoch thinks TSM failures can be blamed on the team and their progress in the previous years. “I think playstyle is dependent on the players on the team than anything, so I think TSM’s playstyle historically may have followed a similar trend to previous years but I don’t think that would necessarily be the case with rosters or this roster that I’m on,” Dardoch said. “I don’t like to buy into the whole thing where the junglers of TSM is always going to play worse or anything like that, I think it’s just a meme to be h honest, I don’t believe in that at all” he added. It seems the old boy is determined to make some changes around here.

Dardoch’s ex-teammates had something to say about him, is he competent enough? 

Dardoch, on the other hand, does not have a good reputation, his ex-teammates do not think so highly of him. After he played for team liquid, he has played for different team’s, seven of them to be precise and after leaving each of them, rumors have it that he is a very difficult person to work with, can ruin a team environment and does not try as hard when he feels like his supporting cast is not up to his level of play. Well, he has addressed this criticism.

“I’m not a very patient person in most aspects of life,” Dardoch said. “I’m a really impatient guy, to be honest, so just working with people below my skill level individually was a process that I had to be patient for because it was going to take time regardless, and there was no way I was going to come into an Academy split and just smash everyone from the get-go just because I played in LCS in previous seasons. I think the biggest lesson in the Academy for me was learning to adapt to my teammates for a change. I had just been moving from roster to roster for years; everybody is just adapting to me.”

Dardoch believes he has changed, and he has learned so much over the years. The team’s general managers said intelligence and leadership and how he wants the team to play around him and that is exactly what he saw in Dardoch.

He thinks he can help TSM get past the years, and he would do his absolute best in every aspect to land him in a good spot even though he has no specific strategy of how he’s going to do it and fans cannot keep calm. Most of them are anticipating his stay at TSM.


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