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Riot Games Korea postpones Dae-Ho “CvMax” suspension

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Former Griffin head coach and current Dragon X head coach Dae-Ho also known as “CvMax” was suspended indefinitely from all riot games competitions early this month and according to Riot Games, there had been a controversy between Griffin’s former director Cho Gyu-Nam and CvMax, penalties were assigned and Cvmax was placed on an indefinite suspension.

According to Riot Games’ statement, they had noticed while investigation that, during CvMaxs’ tenure in Griffin, he had taken violent measures physically and verbally towards some of the players. Violence in form or kind is not permitted in the League of Legends champions, Korea(LCK), especially as a head coach. The violent behavior is prohibited not only in the LCK but also prohibited by the Korean Law and is against general ethical behavior. “Addressing the seriousness of this behavior, we impose an indefinite suspension on CvMax. As of this suspension, we clarify that CvMax will not be able to participate in any esports events in any way that riot Game holds or hosts, including the League of Legends, Korea” they had concluded as translated by ESPN sports.

In a recent update, Riot Games will postpone the indefinite suspension of CvMax after public outcry, which includes more than 200,000 signatures on an online petition addressed to the office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in calling government actions.

Riot banned CvMax and also fined him $85,000

To be clear, Riot Games banned both Cho Gyu-Nam and CvMax indefinitely with an $85,000 USD fine and had recently said they would have a third party organization to reinvestigate the allegations of physical and verbal abuse of CvMax towards Griffin players which curbed from  allegations made by CvMax against Cho Gyu-Nam for mishandling the loan and transfer of substitute jungler Seo “Kavani” Jin-hyeok.

CvMax had asserted that Cho threatened Kavani into signing a contract with the Chinese League of Legend Team, JD gaming. Kavani became a free agent before Wednesday because the allegations involving his loan and transfer was no clear. “Due to the complexity around [Kanavi’s] loan and transfer status and the Korean and international law involved in the situation, a significant amount of time was taken for Kanavi to obtain this free-agency status, for which we are deeply apologetic,” Riot said in the statement translated by ESPN. “The Committee will continue to invest interest and support, so Kanavi may continue to enjoy an unobstructed professional career.” Riot Games had explained

The public demanded transparency In the initial investigations hence, Riot Games has apologized and promised to investigate.”The committee accepts that it has not earned the trust of players on the fairness on the penalty that was applied; hence, we have decided to postpone the penalty that was previously issued to CvMax. Also, the committee will commission a new investigation to a trustworthy external party including the law enforcement”. Was their statement.

In Korea, once a petition reaches 200,000 signatures on the presidential website, the government must take action, and that was exactly what happened, Riot Games had to evaluate their decision. Still8, the owner of Griffin and a company that has a wider business model in esports came out on Monday to declare Griffin players to be free agents if they wished to be, and three of the team members have already parted ways with the team. Jeong “chovy” Ji-hoon, Son “legends” Si-woo and Choi “Doran” Hyeon-Joon will look for new teams to compete with. It seems Griffin is falling apart.

Violent behaviour is not accepted in Esports

The electronic sports industry is a fast-rising industry which is doing all they can to get themselves recognized, however cases of violent behaviors will not be tolerated either from coaches or players.

Uncessesarry harmful physical acts that are intentionally committed during or motivated by a sports game is what is referred to as violence in sports. It happens everywhere, and the people involved in it are just humans, and humans are not perfect. Was the suspension of CvMax necessary? What decision will Riot Games take after they have postponed the suspension? Should they have given him a chance to request reconsideration? Some say the decision cannot be understood logically and it can also be an act of revenge against CvMax since he was labeled a whistleblower. We can leave these questions and thoughts to the court to make their final decision.


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