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Mental Health Awareness & Esports: Cloud 9 Kick-starts Campaign

Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks are just a few examples of mental health issues that esport participants face. These issues usually come up before and after games. For instance, in 2015, League of Legends pro Diego “Quas” Ruiz was suspended due to some issues that happened in his team. After this, he came out to say that he suffered severe anxiety attacks. Believe it or not, such mental health issues happen a lot in the esports world.

That is why Cloud 9, a North American firm, has partnered with Kaiser Permanente to start a mental health awareness journey.


Cloud 9’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign

The project will help Cloud9 members focus on their mental wellbeing, make use of the broad fan base of Cloud9 to shed light on how to address the problem, and to minimize stigma.

The initiative includes three aspects: the delivery of Cloud 9 teams, manager’s and workers’ mental wellbeing training; a Twitch series to increase knowledge about mental wellness; and workshops for group members to promote constructive dialogue about mental health concerns. The program for many years will be recognized as the awareness of the spirit.

The first preparation will be provided to Cloud9’s iconic League squad, and later will be preceded by League of Legends Academy teams. The League of Legends stalwart, Cloud9, is “under tremendous pressure to succeed,” said in an interview with the VERGE, Jack Etienne, the creator and managing director of Cloud 9. “And we haven’t always had the tools to deal with Kaiser.”

At the moment, the League of Legends from the spring to the summer, regarded as “splits” on the LCS, was in its offseason. The aim is to prepare team members and trainers until the team begins training throughout the summer season and to focus on emotional wellbeing for the practices of the squad throughout the season.

The two organizations thought about Twitch as a means of exchanging knowledge around mental wellbeing issues and potentially eliminating mental health concerns and stigma. Although this show is still being produced, the press release ‘s official summary indicates that sports influencers and experts at Kaiser Permanente will interact in different episodes, addressing topics such as management of gaming and mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic and battle against burnout. In the following month or so, Cloud9 and Kaiser Permanente will begin the show.


The Goal of the Campaign

The goal is to provide the administrators of the forum with correct feedback and the right vocabulary to promote a healthy dialogue on mental health concerns for these groups in educating people who communicate with the Cloud9 group, such as Twitch or Discord administrators. “Not only in Twitch but also in Discord, we want to make sure that we ‘re providing safe places for people to spend their time,” said Etienne to the Verge.

Since 2013, Cloud9 has been part of the LCS, so it has a big, passionate fan base, with almost one million Twitter followers. This committed supporter is one explanation of why Kaiser Permanente and Cloud9 all want to work to normalize conversations about mental wellbeing.

The timeframe of the Presence of Mind program could help athletes deal with the improvements to life triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which influenced different sports. Cloud9 players had to adapt to the rivalry digitally for the final games of the spring division with, for example, playing before, live audiences. And during the long week’s offseason, the players did not return to their families as they should generally because of shelter orders.

The game and the sport of young people continue to develop to be socially linked, particularly during the pandemic, though physically isolated. Because many policymakers have placed residence restrictions, the World Health Organization now recognizes the position of the game industry in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Kaiser’s behavioral wellbeing and fitness practitioners will perform a set of activities to help build proactive champions and proponents in behavioral health and wellness for Cloud9’s skilled players and employees. Through this training, Kaiser Permanente offers instruments to open, non-judgmental and honest discussions in the gaming community concerning mental health.

Kaiser treats over 12.2 million people in the United States.

In a world where mental health awareness is still growing, this initiative will go a long way in protecting the mental state of the gamers.


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