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Motorola Becomes Evil Geniuses’ Smartphone Partner

Esports seems to be growing and attracting various partners. Over the past few weeks, we have seen several partnerships as the multiple organizations step into their respective seasons. It is not surprising as aside gaining popularity over the years, and esports has become more professional and profitable.

Motorola has joined the fray and landed its first deal with Evil Geniuses.

Evil Geniuses is working together with the multinational telecom company Motorola, this was announced yesterday by the North American Esport Organization. This comes after an incredibly good start in the Legends Championship Series this year, finishing second during the regular season and seventh in the playoffs this summer. This brand collaboration with Motorola is the first ever to hit the start of the summer 2020 break. Hello, Moto, on behalf of the whole LCS.


Nature of Partnership

The collaboration is the first contract with an agency for sports from Motorola. The Motorola Edge+ logo, a 5 G compatible smartphone launched by Motorola in May, will appear on the jerseys of the team from EG.

The LCS and Academy departments of EG will both use their mobile, Motorola Edge+. The Motorola Edge+ and its functionality will be introduced to fans who can gain exposure to the squad via Edge+ interviews during the match.

Evil Geniuses will show its smartphone partner’s product, the Motorola Edge+ smartphone, and its functionalities throughout its custom content and in-depth review of plays during the season and the entire LCS Summer Split, which began yesterday, 12 June 2020. Besides, the first and presenting sponsor of the bi-weekly “Chaotic Neutral” podcast of Evil Geniuses will be Motorola.

The Motorola Edge+ is a new generation of smartphones, filled with dedicated functions that highlight the best usage you can make of your devices, according to Majo Martin, NA Director of Marketing at Motorola. Partnerships with Evil geniuses are connected with the pledge to the innovation of two prestigious companies, which are a significant move towards showing the gaming world the immense potential of Edge+.

The “final stage” of the rebrand, which strongly mirrored its once-existing original brand name, and collaboration with LG UltraGear, was announced by Evil Geniuses last month.

Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe, Jameson, also commenting on the partnership said that Motorola is the globally iconic brand with the passion for innovations and performance of Evil Geniuses and that in their continuing efforts to help their stars, they must have the best equipment both on and off the stage to sustain competitive excellence.

The 5G-compatible Motorola Edge+ is designed to provide the best possible gaming experience on any mobile device with the best today technology available on the market. This is Motorola ‘s new flagship smartphone. Its core features include 108 MP camera – the highest-resolution camera on a smartphone – 6 K video capability, the most significant 5 G battery, Qualcomm ® Snapdragon 865 Elite GamingTM device, and Motorola GameTime – a brand new turn-key mode which blocks all incoming notifications automatically and gives game-enhancing apps and resources.

According to esports insider, the relationship between Motorola and Evil Geniuses is another indication of the strong presence in the telecommunications industry, particularly when 5 G is getting wider. However, this change is not so unexpected, as Motorola is a Lenovo Company Ltd affiliate, as is Lenovo Legion, which has collaborated with many brands including Team SoloMid (TSM) and the Apex Legends Global Show.


Evil Geniuses partnerships with other brands

Evil Geniuses has, in previous years, seen quite many partnerships. In 2019, they partnered FV BET to expand their audience in Asia. That was the first partnership to be announced under the esports organization’s new owners then.

They also have a partnership with America’s Navy, which started in March 2020. This partnership between the North American organization and the competitive Navy’s Goats & Glory team will be followed by a six-episode video series YouTube and Twitch. The partners exchange experiences into each other’s professions when seeking to benefit from each other’s experiences.

Aside from these, they have partnered Monster Energy Drink, Razer, LG UltraGear, AMD, twitch, and Peak 6.

Evil geniuses have promised that they are committed to “set new bars by consistently choosing what’s right, not just what’s usual—high standards of how to treat our players and teammates with care and respect and new ways to reward our viewers and fans.


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