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OnePlus, KitKat, Kia to talk about Esport Partnerships at ESI Digital Summit.

With the ESI Digital Summit just a day away, they will be providing insights into the Esport industry for attendees in their homes, courtesy the novel coronavirus pandemic. They will also invite and host sports experts on trending and pressing topics. They will give a platform to companies who have chosen to advocate within Esports.

The two-day summit will also discuss issues about the convergence of sports and Esports and how the industry will move on COVID 19. Investment, betting, games, and Esports will all be in the discussion.

In the case of betting, management has seen how beneficial it has been to the industry and what they must do to keep up the excellent work. The summit will point out the work of investors and companies, how they are contributing. The way sports and Esports have blended is also worth discussing. The social distancing protocol has kept most places and athletes at home, and they’ve all taken to gaming and Esports to keep up appearance and communication with fans.

ESI Digital Summit will add to ESI London ESI New York to host more brand showcases as part of Esport Insiders business conferences. To shed more light on how the partnership developed, the right holders and selected commercial partners will be there, and they will talk about the successful activities they have carried out in the Esports industry and how these experiences are comparable to other markets.

These sponsors will include OnePlus, KitKat, and Kia.


ESI Brand Showcase #1 – Rogue and Kia

Rogue, a North American organization, entered a deal with Kia Motors last month for it’s European League of Legends team. Advantageous much, Kia is one of the sponsors of Riot games LEC, they extended their partnership for the 2020 season in January, Rogue is also a long term partner with Riot Games LEC.

The one-year partnership is in full force. Rogue players will make good use of Kia motor vehicles while traveling, but will that be all they need from a brand of this nature? The Managing Director of Rogue Sports and SaeGyul Yoon of Kia Anna Baumann will talk about the collaboration at the ESI Digital Summit.


ESI Brand Showcase #2 – Fnatic and OnePlus

After initially collaborating at Paris Games week in 2017, London based organization Fnatic and smartphone manufacturer OnePlus entered a partnership again in 2019. They are regarded as one of the most robust integrations in Esports.

The smartphone company does not only activate their sponsorship through jersey provision but has also introduced the “OnePlus FNATIC Mode” in its OnePlus T series. The setting is the model’s advanced performance mode built for gaming and bringing Fnatic into the fold.

Fnatics partnerships Manager Edward Gregory and Eric Gass, OnePlus’ director, will give an in-depth explanation into the partnership on the first day of ESI Digital Summit.


ESI Brand Showcase #3 – LEC and KitKat

Riot games added Nestle brand KitKat as a sponsor of LEC for the spring split between January to “make those minutes of downtime fly by.”

Nestlé used a negative and depressing aspect of the broadcast into a great marketing opportunity with its chocolate brand. They are to sponsor the pauses in LEC broadcast. These pauses happen because of technical difficulties; during these pauses, the KitKat logo will be displayed on the league’s social media pages as some advert or breather. Soft work!

Alban Dechelotte, Head of Partnerships & Business for Riot Games EMEA, Georg Fischer, Marketing Manager for KitKat in Europe, Middle East, North Africa for Nestlé, and Nazar Syrotiuk, Emerging Tech Manager, Innovation & Service Models at Nestlé will talk about what exactly the partnership entails and what fans should expect

Making Esports a sport and having it recognized by many is one of the many agendas of the Esports industry, and they are doing just that. Little by little, just like football, soccer, or hockey, Esports will be a sport that people will anticipate, both the young and old.

They are already stealing the spotlight, looking at how the coronavirus has kept everyone at home; no one is training; no; no one is playing any sports. Video games and Esports are the new normal, which shows that it is just a matter of time until it becomes an international something.


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