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Paul J. Foster Appointed as Chief Operations Officer.

Global Esports Federation has appointed a new COO and named eight other commissions. As part of several new leadership roles confirmed by the global Esports federation, Paul J. Foster has been chosen as the new Cheif Operating Officer after three months of world-wide consultative sections and research.

Chris Chan, president of the Federation, pronounced this new leader and has launched eight commissions as well as the addition of Hideki Okamura, the 65-year-old businessman and president of SEGA Holdings Co.Ltd. to the Global Esports federation board.


Is Paul J. Foster the right man for the job?

Paul J. Foster, who was initially recognized as the senior adviser to the Global Esport federation, has landed his new role due to his experience in the world of sports. He had spent more than 15 years in the Olympic movement and has led teams to more than 10 Olympic games climaxing in an incumbency as head of protocol, events, and hospitality at the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland. His new position will not only include him overseeing the day to day administrative function of sporting activities but also put together leadership and visionary teams to drive the Federation.

What did Foster have to say about the honor given him? He is eager and is ready to convey his excitement to his work. “The GEF motto, #worldconnected, says it all. Through the power of connectivity, esports offers a platform of inclusive participation, learning, sharing, and enjoyment, regardless of physical distance,” Paul said.  “I am excited to continue contributing to Global Esports Federation in fulfilling its mission to convene the esports ecosystem and unleash the unlimited possibilities of sports in this Digital Age.” He added.

Okamura, on the other hand, is very knowledgeable when it comes to management, he has decades of consumer business experience at SEGA, where he became the Chairman of the board. He is currently the representative director of the Japan Esport Union.


What are the eight commissions, and who are their heads?

Eight commissions have been confirmed with more than 70 members world-wide led by the Global Esport Board. The commission will serve as a board of counselors that will readily advise the GEF to its goals to develop a safe, sustainable, and healthy Esport ecosystem. The established commissions include the following;

1.Athletes and Players. Chair: Charmaine Crooks. Vice-Chair: Koen Schobbers

2.Brand, Marketing, Commercial, and Communications. Chair: Lorenzo Giorgetti

3.Digital, Technology, Innovation. Chair: Chris Overholt

4.Education, Culture, Wellness. Chair: Chester King. Vice-Chair: Tyrone Seward

5.Finance, Legal Administration. Chair: Adrian F. Lismore

6.Governance and Ethics. Chair: T A Ganda Sithole

7.Membership. Chairs: Ramil Aliyev and Mario Cilenti

8.Technical and Development. Chairs: Chong Geng Ng and Mars Hou

the GEF is not doing this alone, and they work in partnership with Tencent, a leading provider of value-added internet service in China.  Edward Cheng, Vice President of Tencent, reiterated the company’s commitment at the signing: “With our collective effort, I believe esports will unleash the unlimited possibilities of sports in the Digital Age. On the path to building a community with a shared future for humanity, esports will shine!”

According to Esport Insider, The Global Esports Federation has expanded significantly since its reveal in December, and its new leadership appointments have added an impressive degree of credibility to its esports endeavors. However, though the GEF may be incredibly well-connected and aim to achieve a lot of good for the industry, it’s important to remember that Tencent’s heavy involvement suggests that the Federation’s operations will inevitably carry a vested financial interest.

Esport is a fast-rising sporting industry that is vested in making the sports known and accepted by the people of all ages. They are appointing new leaders every day, recruiting more players from all around the world.

What do people think about it? “Being a competitive gamer myself, it is truly mind-blowing watching professional players compete against one another. Being able to see the skill gap between myself and a pro, put into perspective how many hours the players and teams put forth to be the best, and it’s quite motivating?” a fan said. “I think it’s wonderful that gaming is finally coming to the masses in such a large way. It’s something that people can do together,” another enthusiast replied.



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