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Roblox unveils “Party Place,” a venue for virtual parties

In the culture of Roblox, about 20 million encounters were reported on the website last year. Some are games, like murder mysteries, simulators in the restaurant, and tower defense titles. Nonetheless, in other situations, there are fewer established boundaries between gambling and social interaction. And when six million players joined the organization in March to honor the developers of the group for its annual Bloxy Awards online gathering, Roblox was obvious something more than a game.

Many of these games are characterized as the beginning of a metaverse – a permanent online environment offering participants varied perspectives and ways to express themselves, which are increasingly integral to the lives of their players as well as to their role in online gaming. Craig Donato, Chief Commercial Officer, Roblox, explained in a recent interview with Protocol how Roblox hopes, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, to help build the metaverse and how young people still find it harder to stay together in the digital universe rather than the real one. He also spoke about how fast a Roblox IPO could be used.


Corona and the new opportunity for Roblox

The pandemic of coronavirus and associated policy locks have contributed to an uptick in online gaming — particularly on a social network where people have a virtual link with real-life friends. Since the wake of the pandemic, we have learned about the Fortnite Birthday celebrations, the Roblox playdates, and Animal Crossing gatherings. Roblox is now introducing a new feature called the “Party Place” to satisfy that demand from users to host virtual gatherings in a dedicated, private venue.

The innovation by the company, “Party Place,” is based on the technologies the group built to support their simulated activities, including their 7th Annual Bloxy Award and the One World: Together at a Home concert held with Lady Gaga in April.

The platform itself provides no events or sports. It is a private place to carry Roblox members, for example, to celebrate their virtual birthdays, to study with classmates on a remote basis, to play on virtual dates, or to play on something else. The party will talk and hang out from Party Place while choosing which Roblox game they’ll be playing next.


Critical updates on the Roblox Party Place

The software is being beta-tested, according to the Roblox website. Since its introduction last week, it has only had about 45,3,000 views. Many of these visits are maybe only from interested children who poked about in a public environment. If you want to see the site, you will enter the Party place today without a private server. Nonetheless, Roblox notes that private accounts should be publicly accessible at Party Place so that parents and children can build the space to enter and enjoy with those friends they invite directly.

According to Tech Crunch, Roblox did particularly well, as the pandemic caused children to be locked up at home. According to a survey released by Sensor Tower, now there are over 120 million participating monthly players at the entertainment site, and by June they had reached $1.5 billion. Just seven months after the $1 billion marks hit a new high – a spike in customer spending explicitly related to the global COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise in leisure services and social gaming.

The March study showed that Roblox’s revenue rose 28% every month to $69.8 million. Sales soared 34% to $93.2 million in April. Yet revenues exceeded nearly 103 million dollars by May.

With its launcher of “Play Together” type in April, which made it easier for players to find games where they socialize with others — like visiting a virtual shopping center, going camping or doing virtual water slides, for example, Roblox already started catering for the interest of players in social spaces. Such games also offer an alternative for private VIP Servers, which is always refreshed before you are canceled at a small charge payable in Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux.

It is not the first organization to create platforms that respond to the request of users in virtual worlds for “hang out” locations. Fortnite introduced the game mode “Party Royale,” for example, which features a weapons-free party island with mini-games and occasionally even live concerts. The game hosted the Travis Scott concert and drew 12.3 million players at its height.

Platforms like Fortnite and Roblox are their version of a social network for the younger players today — the babies of COVID. The children are not only playing online. It makes social, talk, and hang out in the same way as mainstream social networks, such as Facebook, do not break the boundaries between online and Offline.


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