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Scholastic Esports platform PlayVS announces partners Epic Games and Riot Games for tournament

PlayVS has just revealed their partners and incentives for taking part in their forthcoming Summer Showdown tournament, and several big brands have been named.

PlayVS is proud to host the greatest high school and college tournament in the world of school sports in the nation’s Summer Showdown. It is also no surprise that some of the top corporations in the industry are sponsors. PlayVS has collaborated with Uprising Sports, Amazing Sports, Alienware, Logitech G, and a lot more to bring a very remarkable collection of rewards to the table.

It is critical for Fortnite and the League of Legends to have partners like Riot Games and Epic Games. High school students will compete in the LoL competition, while college players will compete in the Fortnite event.

Rewards include EyeSafe security Alienware m15 computers, Logitech G Pro gaming mice and keyboards, Respawn gaming chairs, and more.

The festival will have two independent high- and college competitions-a high-school League of Legends tournament and a college tournament.

Your LoL competition will be hosted for two weeks for high school students and will be distributed for free to all high schools in the United States, whether you’ve played with the PlayVS before or new to the site. In eight regional competitions, over 1,000 secondary schools will participate in that era. The enrollment deadline is August 24, 2020.

The Fortnite tournament is now available for play, regardless of whether or not you’ve been competitors in PlayVS before, to all college and university students in the USA. More than 200 college players will appear in this competition is a substantial regional ol’ competition. The enrollment deadline is August 19, 2020.



CEO Delane Parnell says that, since the COVID-19 scenario, it will be the “the biggest Summer Showdown yet,” Teams can participate in any environment that is necessary to achieve full participation in compliance with the applicable guidelines.

According to Parnel, this summer and this coming school year have been difficult for many. Still, athletics provides a chance to give all children a positive and healthy out-of-home experience, whether they go to school on a personal basis or the go.

Teams are free to play. They have complete independence. All Fortnite and League of Legends are casual games that can be enjoyed. This climate encourages everybody to be involved. The League of Legends high school tourney will take place on August 31, and the Fortnite series on College Esports begins on August 22. It is fun to see how long the Summer Showdown takes PlayVS.



PlayVs formed a multiannual deal with Riot Games earlier this year to become the sole promoter of high school tournaments in the United States for the League of Legends. The collaboration was built on the existing relationship between Riot Games and PlayVS, which hosted high school competitions held in the League of Legends in 18 countries last year.

The latest exclusive agreement is what has made PlayVS the exclusive provider of regular competitions and championships in the League of Legends high school around the USA. The collaboration with Riot Games would allow PlayVS further to incorporate the company’s apps with League of Legend to provide student gamers with better user experience. The PlayVS app helps secondary schools to build and maintain squad rosters and review timetables.

The Program Lead at Riot games was very enthusiastic about the partnership and said it was going to yield great results, looking at what both parties brought to the table.

“PlayVS’ unique approach combines the recognition of state-sanctioned sports with an innovative technology platform, providing a great value for student competitors and a sustainable business model to ensure a stable future for high school esports,” Matt Birris, scholastic program lead at Riot Games, said in a statement. “Extending our partnership with PlayVS advances our mission to establish the League of Legends as a generational sport.”

After the founding of PlayVS in 2018, over $96 million has been raised, including a Los Angeles Dodgers donation. The PlayVS management program includes titles like Fortnite, Rocket League, and SMITE in addition to the Legends League. For this competition, school registration was ended in February. More than a thousand high schools in eight regions compete with the League of Legends competition. More than 200 colleges confirmed their inclusion in the Fortnite competition.



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