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Team Liquid has introduced a Platform to understand fan behavior better

In team Liquids’ quest to understand fans and use their knowledge and needs to their advantage, they have announced the creation of Liquid+, a gamified home to help connect fans and reward them with prizes. Just like a social media account, but this one isn’t aimed at monetizing fans to sell their information to advertisers.


About the platform

It is a platform that would provide the organization with valuable information. All this is aimed at generating revenue to make these Esport organizations profitable. For fans to use the platform, they must connect their various online accounts or comment on an LCS game, and they will be rewarded with points.

According to the co-CEO and founder of Team Liquid, Victor Goossen, the team wanted to bring fans closer to the game by creating the stadium-like platform. “We wanted to create something like the stadium feel of traditional sports. Esports has a lot of cool aspects. We are digital sport with fans all across the world, but we don’t have a place for fans to come together,” he told Esports Insider.

“We can bring fans to get to celebrate in one place like traditional sports fans- at least used to, in their stadiums.” He added. The platforms that will be integrated on Liquid+ will mostly be Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord users because they are more secretive and anonymous, unlike Instagram and Facebook users.

Goossen wants fans to understand that they can enjoy the platform without having to connect all their accounts. “You can still get a lot of things out of the platform even if you don’t connect all your accounts. The team has done a good job figuring out the point systems and making sure you can still get rewarded even though everyone has their tendencies and maybe isn’t connecting all the platforms,” he emphasized.


Benefits for Team Liquid

The benefits team Liquid is deriving from the platform is information through user data, and it doesn’t go beyond that. Goossen said he always loves to get people’s input and use them to make the right decisions. Consumer opinions and criticism are crucial in building up a successful business, and in the case of developing sports, the conclusion of the masses is essential. Team Liquid is doing just that.

It is also in his belief that information and understanding better leadership. The privacy of fans is also guaranteed. The information that would be obtained will only serve the purpose of internal decision making to see to the development of the organization. “We are fully GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, and we have someone in that role making sure user data is protected” Goossen assures fans.

“A lot of what is in GDPR is what we philosophically and fundamentally believe even though GDPR is a European regulation, and we are holding ourselves to that standard worldwide. We are not going to sell individual user data, and we have committed to do that. In our terms of service, internally, you aren’t going to find anyone in Liquid who even wants to do that”.

The team thinks using Liquid+ will pave a way to bring brand partners closer to fans. The program’s launch is scheduled for December, but the beta program will be opening up periodically.

“We can integrate our partners into the platform,” Goossens said. “If we did a sponsored event or a sponsored stream, we can connect that to redeeming points and asking people to tune in if they’re looking to collect those points. We are also able to use partner products as rewards, and there are a lot of cool applications for partners on the platform.”


Advantages for Fans

This new development is very advantageous to fans as well. It will give them that stadium feels they missed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Esports is one of the first sporting disciplines to pull this off, and it is something you write home about. The development will help Team Liquid understand fan behavior and get closer to them and build a bond.

This and new partnerships will go a long way every day to help the electronic sports industry, getting it into recognition and generating revenue. Good luck to all Team Liquid fans, and may they reach the user experience they desire.


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