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The eight iteration of the brawl is approaching; Everything you need to know about it.

The Brawl is a community-focused tournament that was founded by Adam ‘Lawler’ Thornton; Lawler is a former analyst and commentator for the rocket league championship series. The 2020 Brawl is the eighth installment.

Eight teams were invited into the tournament and will battle it out for the prize, which stands at $2,000, with each round being a single-elimination best-of-five until the grand finals, which are best-of-seven.

Even though Lawler is one of the prominent people in the rocket league, he started The Brawl in July 2019 at his own expense without any external help until recently when he began receiving sponsorship and support from his community. The first tournament was financed from his pocket.

The tournament will take place on May 2 with a pre-show at 3 pm ETon Lawler’s channel. The grand finals will be seen starting around 6:30 on Lawler’s channel, and an interview with ESPN will be conducted with the winners at the end of the tournament.

What you need to know about the teams

The eight teams are NRG, Spacestation gaming, Pittsburgh knights, Team Envy, Susquehanna soniqs, Rogue, affinity and eUnited, let’s discuss them one after the other

  • NRG(3rd RLCS, 2nd RLSS). They suffered a defeat in the RLSS against G2, but they are the reigning champions and currently considered one among the best teams in the world so far. Harboring players like Pierre ‘turbo polsa’ Silfver, Garrett ‘Garrett G’ Gordon, and Justin ‘Jstn’ Morales. As they await the first open-qualifier winner, they remain the people’s favorite. Since G2 is not in the tournament, not to say G2 is the best, but…yes.
  • Spacestation Gaming (2nd RLCS, 4th RLSS). In the spring series, they finished fourth and went 8-1 in the regular season. They placed second in the Rocket League Championship Series and await the winner of eUnited and the second open-qualifier winner.
  • Team Envy (3rd RLCS, 5th RLSS). After joining the former Ghost Gaming squad, team Envy is back in the rocket league with a new member, Nick ‘mist’ Castello, who joined the team after spending some time with the Pittsburgh Knights. The team is owned by Mike ‘hastro’ Rufail, and this will be the first time they will be playing as Team envy, officially. They will meet the Pittsburgh knights in the QF.
  • Susquehanna Sonics (5tg RLCS, DNQ for RLSS). After the team failed to make the RLSS after they had been quite dominant, they were not pleased with the very least, but they are sure to bring something big on at The Brawl. They will battle it out with Rogue to start the tournament.
  • Rogue (8th RLCS, 3rd RLSS). Since they were not very consistent in the regular season, a third-place finish in the RLSS was quite surprising. Leonardo ‘turinturo’ is one of the new faces that has joined the squad after leaving Charlotte Phoenix and has been playing considerably well. Their positive momentum will go a long way to help them. Some more consistency is all they need.
  • Affinity (N/A RLCS, DNQ RLSS). Affinity was the winners of the last season’s Rocket League Regional Series, and they will be part of season 10 of the Rocket League Championship Series. Since they are an RLRS team, they can quickly get promoted. It is known that RLRS teams have more advantages compared to the rocket League Championship Series teams since they often come prepared after watching footages of RLCS teams. Rocket League Championship Series teams only focus on fellow teams, and that would be a great advantage to them. Fans are yet to see how good they can play at The Brawl, considering the experience they have already acquired.
  • eUnited (9th RLCS, DNQ RLSS). Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, a new coach to the eUnited team, seems to bring some grand championship experience to the team. They were saved for another season after the game seven overtime goal versus the Charlotte Phoenix.

Fans are excited about this new season; some hope both the electronic sports industry and all the major leagues become more significant and more recognized by people around the globe. It is also a form of sports, and it essential to promote it as such.

As for the Brawl, may the best team win. What is your opinion? What is your favorite team, and why?


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