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The rebranding was inevitable, says North CMO

Earlier in January this year, Nordic esports firm, North underwent a significant change of brand look and feel, which included an upgrade in logo design and a change in organizational strategy.

It was revealed that North had been established as an F.C esports affiliate almost three years ago.  The remarking occurred due to essential elements, that had to be addressed at the very base of the company, given a large number of team and brand acquisitions.


Why did North esport rebrand?

North has been more excellent in number both in terms of its global identities and strategic allies since its inception. Nevertheless, after three years, the company began to experience a crisis of identity.

According to Alexander Mørch Pedersen, Chief Marketing Officer for North, considering all they had been through, rebranding was inevitable, and almost all stakeholders of the organization were hopeful.

The organization had seen so many changes in it. Still, according to Pederson, nobody paused to think about what the group needed to be identified for, how they needed to be viewed, and how they could connect with the society in the long term.

To them, at a point, it had to do with positioning their brand rather than raking in the wins — the organization needed to be known for something.

Again, Pedersen said that when he took a cursory look at the organization, it did not have any history. Aside from creating great teams, their other headache, which at this point may be more important, is creating a success story, creating a business, and projecting a brand people would fall in love with.


North rebranding: the process

When it was finalized that the rebranding should take place, Pedersen and his team used three months to prep themselves up in ensuring they had exactly what they needed, the right crew and processes to ensure that the plan was executed to perfection.

Most people see the North as a prominent organization, but according to Pedersen, North is a relatively small business as compared to most of the top 20 organizations. With a leaner budget and everything they needed to have in place and their due diligence concerning change was done, everything was set up for execution.

The latest design incorporates the classic Viking designs of North’s famous lion mask. Runes and rune-like fonts have since been an essential part of brand messaging through the organization’s website and social media. Pedersen claims he suspected they were going to alter the logo in some amounts. Nevertheless, it was crucial for him and his team to consider the reasoning behind the brand, including its Scandanavian roots, in Northern’s closest neighborhood.

Even though the thought behind marketing is to tell a story, Pedersen suggested that the team did their best not to mention so many stories at a go since they needed to maintain focus.

It must be let open and later explained, he said. They have so many rebranding parts that have not yet been developed. This is something the team wants to do, but since the organization has been set up, time must be spent, and careful, practical efforts must be put in to ensure that they achieve what they want.

Another way North tells its tales is by cartooning Viking characters who represent teams’ desire for victory and do not lack the joy of playing.

“We wanted to make sure we spoke to the community via our cartoon universe both the fun meme-ish universe and our more seriously stylized storytelling,” said Pedersen. “We wanted to make sure that we introduced our brand identifiers: Courage, Endurance, and Ambition.”

Pedersen also said that the major challenge is not about getting the news of their new brand out there. Preferably, it has to do with maintaining a unique image, getting through to the hearts of their fans, and maintaining their spot there.

He gave an example of how they would want to ensure that their memes are unique and not what everyone else is doing. He said that it was going to be challenging to get such works recognized. Nevertheless, it was more valuable if it gained recognition in the long run.

After reflecting on the rebranding, Pederson said that it’s still ongoing and that more work needs to be done.


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