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VENN TV network partners Blackbird for cloud video production

VENN selected Blackbird for fast and effective remote video production, for the “soon to be launched” esports T.V. network. Blackbird ‘s new U.S. system integration members, ASG, have been working with this arrangement for three years.


Nature of Partnership

A selection of entertaining video content will be quickly filmed, optimized, and distributed by the production team at VENN using Blackbird remotely and in-frame accurately. Venn’s television network and social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch can provide updates on a 24-hour basis.

The VENN production team would use the tools of the company mentioned in the AIM to film, extend, and publish a broad spectrum of video material reliably and at an incredibly fast level of turnover.

VENN is a modern form of online T.V. network that serves players, the mainstream culture, and the sports public. Founded by the Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin game audiences, VENN delivers direct programming from studios through a diverse variety of television outlets in New York and Los Angeles. The scope of the network will span many areas of entertainment, including original, in-house production, and several of the best producers and stars of technology, television, broadcasting, and sport.

According to Scott Gillies, CTO of VENN, the company is building up its network devoted to pop culture through gaming and sports. Starting at this period of COVID-19 and social isolation poses significant challenges to growth, he admitted. He added that the organization has a new degree of versatility with Blackbird, and it helps them to rethink how the development will work. Again, he said that the partnership would build extremely entertaining video experiences for gaming fans easily and rapidly to experience wherever they want. According to Scott, Blackbird is incredible, and Venn TV Network is eager to use this emerging platform for cloud video editing.

VENN is scheduled to be live in Los Angeles and New York studios on August 5. Last September, the start-up raised $17 million for seed funding with the BITKRAFT Esports Ventures co-led fund. Mike Morhaime, Amy Morhaime, Kevin Lin, aXiomatic Gaming, BDMI, Lifeline Financial Group, YuChiang Cheng, and Reimagined Ventures were other participants in the Series.

This is the best and most efficient professional cloud video editing and publishing application in the world, according to Blackbird. To enable scalable remote production, Blackbird allows quick access to video content to make multiple devices and platforms easy to create videos, highlights, and longer-form content. By offering unbeatable speed and efficiency editing capabilities and video production, Blackbird can be accessed via any device and is simple to understand. In a company dealing with images, Blackbird provides significant productivity advantages.

A wide range of clients, including Riot Games, IMG, Peloton, Liverpool FC, and the U.S. Department of State, are using Blackbird ‘s photo production software.

Ian McDonough, CEO of Blackbird, said that they are excited to attach VENN to their broad roster of American and sports clients and to welcome their latest ASG client to Blackbird.

He added that “The VENN project is incredibly exciting and is a classic greenfield site where there is no legacy hardware-based incumbent and the team is free to select our state-of-the-art cloud-based solution. This fresh thinking makes production teams as efficient and sustainable as possible while being free to work from anywhere.”

On Monday, after the company introduced the remote video production arrangement with VENN, the total of Blackbird PLC shares increased significantly. VENN’s production team uses BlackBird to remotely, accurately edit and enrich a variety of video contents in an ultra-fast manner under the triennial deal negotiated by its U.S. system integrator partner ASG.


About Venn

As it looks now, Venn TV network will serve a generation that wants to be served with “hot streaming meals.” This generation is one that wants things on the go, and the strategic partnership will help Venn deliver precisely that.

The team seems to have put in a lot of work that may make them an instant hit once they start to run.

As video games continue to grow and more partnerships are formed, the interest is whipped up, and the appetite for streaming gets increased.

According to Co-CEOs Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin, Venn will be made of a team that is well prepared for this mission. They will use the latest technology and explore options that have not been tapped traditionally by broadcast media.


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