London Marathon 2023

How to watch London Marathon 2023 Free Live Stream, Preview, schedule

The London Marathon 2023 lives up to its billing as the ‘Super Bowl of Marathons,’ thanks in part to the participation of two of history’s greatest distance runners. Ethiopia’s Kenenisa Bekele and Mo Farah have won seven Olympic gold medals and 11 world crowns between them, confirming the marathon super-status.

The top runners to watch, the quickest athletes on the start lists, the race schedule, and how to watch the races live free and other broadcasters are all detailed here.

How to watch London Marathon 2023 Live:

Viewers around the world can watch the action live on the following channels and here for free:

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The 2023 London Marathon schedule:

(all times in BST)

Races will start in staggered times from Greenwich in the morning on Sunday 23 April. Currently, the UK time zone is British Summer Time, which is 1 hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The start times for the different races are:

  • 9:15 – Elite wheelchair men’s and women’s races
  • 09:25 – Elite women’s race
  • 10:00 – Elite men’s race and mass start

The first people across the finish line will be the elite wheelchair winners, who are due to pass Buckingham Palace at around 10:30 am on Sunday.

The winners in the elite women’s category are due to finish the course after 12:40 am BST, with the fastest men expected to complete the course shortly after 12:03 am.

London Marathon 2023 Preview:

Eliud Kipchoge is notably absent from the start list for the 43rd annual London Marathon, which could be the final competitive race for the famous Mo Farah.

Kipchoge, the first athlete to break the two-hour barrier in 2019, has elected to forego the race in order to focus on the Boston Marathon, where he finished sixth last weekend.

The men’s competition is wide open, with four of the world’s top five fastest men competing, including defending winner Amos Kipruto and Kenenisa Bekele, who has the third-fastest marathon time in history.

Farah may be bidding farewell in front of a home crowd buoyed by the fact that the London Marathon is returning to its customary April slot for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak disrupted the sporting calendar in 2020.

In the women’s race, 5000m and 10000m Olympic champion Sifan Hassan makes her marathon debut in a field described by organizers as “the greatest-ever field assembled for the elite women’s race in London,” which also includes defending champion Yalemzerf Yehualaw, world-record holder Brigid Kosgei, and Tokyo Olympic champion Peres Jepchirchir.
Endless miles, tired legs, and enormous amounts of carbohydrates have all contributed to this. The London Marathon is almost approaching.

More than 45,000 participants, each with their own motivations and justifications, are scheduled to run the 26.2 miles, generating millions of pounds for charity.

Many will be dressed up, while others will be attempting world records; all will be cheered through the usual crowd-lined streets.

London Marathon 2023 route

No marathon should ever be described as “easy,” especially if you are one of the nearly 50,000 amateurs competing.

However, the 42.2km course is constructed in such a way that athletes can set a personal best time.

A reasonably flat path leads from Greenwich Park to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Other renowned landmarks that runners pass and viewers may see from the comfort of their living rooms include Big Ben and the London Eye.

Finally, along the River Thames, fatigued racers follow The Mall to the finish line near Buckingham Palace…After that, it’s off to the pub for a well-deserved drink!

London Marathon 2023 weather forecast

Participants who are concerned about a warm Spring day need not be too concerned.

The early prediction calls for cloudy skies and temperatures in the 8 to 10 degree Celsius range, with the possibility of showers, while lighter skies may develop later in the afternoon.

What is the fastest time in the London Marathon?

Kenyan superstar Kipchoge not only has the fastest marathon of all time, but he also holds the men’s record for the London Marathon, finishing in 2:02:37 in 2019.

Mary Keitany (2:17:01) has the women’s course record, set in 2017, while Britain’s Paula Radcliffe has the fastest mixed marathon time of 2:15:25, set in 2003.

In October 2022, Marcel Hug (1:24:38) and Catherine Debrunner (1:38:24) set records in the men’s and women’s wheelchair races, respectively.

List of past London Marathon winners


Year Runner (Country) Time
1981 Dick Beardsley (US), Inge Simonsen (Norway) 2:11:48
1982 Hugh Jones (UK) 2:09:24
1983 Mike Gratton (UK) 2:09:43
1984 Charlie Spedding (UK) 2:09:57
1985 Steve Jones (UK) 2:08:16
1986 Toshihiko Seko (Japan) 2:10:02
1987 Hiromi Taniguchi (Japan) 2:09:50
1988 Henrik Jorgensen (Denmark) 2:10:20
1989 Douglas Wakiihuri (Kenya) 2:09:03
1990 Allister Hutton (UK) 2:10:10
1991 Yakov Tolstikov (Soviet Union) 2:09:17
1992 Antonio Pinto (Portugal) 2:10:02
1993 Eamonn Martin (UK) 2:10:50
1994 Dionicio Ceron (Mexico) 2:08:53
1995 Dionicio Ceron (Mexico) 2:08:30
1996 Dionicio Ceron (Mexico) 2:10:00
1997 Antonio Pinto (Portugal) 2:07:55
1998 Abel Anton (Spain) 2:07:57
1999 Abdelkader El Mouaziz (Morocco) 2:07:57
2000 Antonio Pinto (Portugal) 2:06:36
2001 Abdelkader El Mouaziz (Morocco) 2:07:09
2002 Khalid Khannouchi (US) 2:05:38
2003 Gezahegne Abera (Ethiopia) 2:07:56
2004 Evans Rutto (Kenya) 2:06:18
2005 Martin Lel (Kenya) 2:07:35
2006 Felix Limo (Kenya) 2:06:39
2007 Martin Lel (Kenya) 2:07:41
2008 Martin Lel (Kenya) 2:05:15
2009 Samuel Wanjiru (Kenya) 2:05:10
2010 Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) 2:05:19
2011 Emmanuel Kipchirchir Mutai (Kenya) 2:04:40
2012 Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich (Kenya) 2:04:44
2013 Tsegaye Kebede (Ethiopia) 2:06:04
2014 Wilson Kipsang Kiprotich (Kenya) 2:04:29
2015 Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:04:42
2016 Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:03:05
2017 Daniel Wanjiru (Kenya) 2:05:48
2018 Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:04:17
2019 Eliud Kipchoge (Kenya) 2:02:37
2020 Shura Kitata Tola (Ethiopia) 2:05:58
2021 Sisay Lemma (Ethiopia) 2:04:01
2022 Amos Kipruto (Kenya) 2:04:39


Year Runner (Country) Time
1981 Joyce Smith (UK) 2:29:57
1982 Joyce Smith (UK) 2:29:43
1983 Grete Waitz (Norway) 2:25:29
1984 Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway) 2:24:26
1985 Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway) 2:21:06
1986 Grete Waitz (Norway) 2:24:54
1987 Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway) 2:22:48
1988 Ingrid Kristiansen (Norway) 2:25:41
1989 Veronique Marot (UK) 2:25:56
1990 Wanda Panfil (Poland) 2:26:31
1991 Rosa Mota (Portugal) 2:26:14
1992 Katrin Dorre-Heinig (Germany) 2:29:39
1993 Katrin Dorre-Heinig (Germany) 2:27:09
1994 Katrin Dorre-Heinig (Germany) 2:32:34
1995 Malgorzata Sobanska (Poland) 2:27:43
1996 Liz McColgan (UK) 2:27:54
1997 Joyce Chepchumba (Kenya) 2:26:51
1998 Catherina McKiernan (Ireland) 2:26:26
1999 Joyce Chepchumba (Kenya) 2:23:22
2000 Tegla Loroupe (Kenya) 2:24:33
2001 Derartu Tulu (Ethiopia) 2:23:57
2002 Paula Radcliffe (UK) 2:18:56
2003 Paula Radcliffe (UK) 2:15:25
2004 Margaret Okayo (Kenya) 2:22:35
2005 Paula Radcliffe (UK) 2:17:42
2006 Deena Kastor (US) 2:19:35
2007 Zhou Chunxiu (China) 2:20:38
2008 Irina Mikitenko (Germany) 2:24:14
2009 Irina Mikitenko (Germany) 2:22:11
2010 Aselefech Mergia (Ethiopia) 2:22:38
2011 Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (Kenya) 2:19:19
2012 Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (Kenya) 2:18:37
2013 Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) 2:20:15
2014 Edna Kiplagat (Kenya) 2:20:21
2015 Tigist Tufa (Ethiopia) 2:23:21
2016 Jemima Sumgong (Kenya) 2:22:58
2017 Mary Jepkosgei Keitany (Kenya) 2:17:01
2018 Vivian Cheruiyot (Kenya) 2:18:31
2019 Brigid Kosgei (Kenya) 2:18:20
2020 Brigid Kosgei (Kenya) 2:18:58
2021 Joyciline Jepkosgei (Kenya) 2:17:43
2022 Yalemzerf Yehualaw (Ethiopia) 2:17:26


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