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Nationals and Astros cancel workout because of Coronavirus testing delay

Due to the delay of the Covid-19 testing, an executive is worried that it would endanger the baseball season, and that is why the World Series finalists canceled their workout session on Monday.


The workout was called off due to failure to receive tests results on Friday

Defending champions Washington Nationals and reigning American League Champions Houston Astros both called off workout after failing to receive their test results from Friday. The decision was taken because of the delays around the Major League Baseball

Some players keep opting out, also considering Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle’s criticism about the tests being slow and lack of personal protective equipment. “That’s one thing that makes me a little nervous, and we’re not getting tests back in time, they still haven’t sent us the PPE’s. We’re supposed to have N-95 masks, stuff like that, gowns, gloves,” he lamented, “we’re supposed to have that stuff. Those are the things it’s going to take for people to stay safe enough for us to continue this season,” he added.

Doolittle had not gotten his Friday results before he got tested again on Sunday, we can understand his frustration.

“We will not sacrifice the health and safety of our players, staff, and their families without accurate and timely testing, it is simply not safe for us to continue with summer camp. Major league Baseball needs to work quickly to resolve issues with their process and their lab. Otherwise, summer camp and the 2020 season are at risk”. Washington’s General Manager Mike Ross said.

James Click, Astro’s General Manager, pointed out that the delay in testing and the speed at which the virus is spreading is what led to the decision to cancel a whole day’s workout. Despite these delays, he is sure things will ease down, and they will be back on the field before they even know it.

“The safety of our players and staff remains our top priority at the Astros,” Click said in his statement. “The team is still awaiting results from COVID-19 tests taken on Friday. Due to the delay in receiving these results, coupled with the contagious nature of the virus, we felt it was prudent to cancel today’s workouts at Minute Maid Park and the University of Houston. Players and staff continue to participate fully in the screening and testing protocols while we await these results. Despite these delays over the holiday weekend, we’re optimistic that this process will be ironed out, and we’ll be back on the field and ready to compete for a championship soon.”


Some high profile players have already opted out of the season

Among those who opted out of the season is Brave’s Pitcher Feliz Hernández, Nationals First Baseman Ryan Zimmerman, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher David Price, Colorado Rockies infielder Ian Desmond and most recently Atlanta Braves Nick Markakis, one of the high profile players.

Two Nationals players tested positive for the virus among the 31 that were tested last week, and 60 national players are still awaiting results after testing.

Manager Dave Martinez said on Sunday that he believes they are working hard to clean everything up since we are all in a different situation at the moment. “The is all-new for everybody, we’ve hit some bumpy roads, but they are doing their best working out all the bugs,” he added.

The test administrators reportedly did not arrive at the Los Angeles Angels facilities in California, Anaheim, and Long Beach on Sunday, which prompted the team to collect their Saliva samples and have it mailed to MLB testing facility located at Utah.

Not all teams are dissatisfied with the way things are going, Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell said medical director Roger Caplinger is making things go well. And it is essential to stay positive in these difficult times.

Counsell believes there is a lot of work that goes into this, there will be rough times, and as soon as things ease down, they will be back to their best.

This decision taken by the General Managers is very thoughtful; sports can always wait. Their lives are more relevant and should be treated as such. The coronavirus virus is still in the system, vaccines and treatment haven’t been discovered yet, that’s why all of us need to abide by the precautionary measures put in place to curb the spread


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