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Sean Doolittle heavily criticises the attempt to bring sports back amidst the pandemic

COVID 19 cases are rising every day not only in the United States but around the world, and the 32-year-old starter believes that the US is not doing the right things to bring the “reward for a functional society” back to life.


Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Doolittle is not a fan of the whole ‘bring sports back’ campaign and has backed his thoughts with some strong points.

“We’ve been trying to bring baseball back in a pandemic that has killed 130,000 people,” he told reporters, “we’re way worse off as a country than where we were in March when we shut this thing down.” We can agree with Doolittle here. In the beginning, when the pandemic struck, the fear in people was more than it is now that the numbers are rising every day.

He reckons that the united states did flatten the curve a little bit but did not do anything productive. ” look at where other developed countries are in with their response to this, we haven’t done any of the things the other countries have done to bring sports back. Sports is like the reward of a functional society, and we’re just like, trying to bring it back even though we’ve done none of the steps to flatten the curve”.

With a facemask on, Doolittle encouraged people to respect the precautionary measures that have been put in place since that is the only way we can curb the spread for now and the only way sports can fully return without the mass hysteria.

“If there aren’t sports, it’s going to be because people aren’t wearing face masks, because the response to this has been politicized If you wanna watch baseball, please wear a mask, socially distant, keep washing your hands” he reasoned.

The Nationals announced that they were canceling their workouts because of the delay in testing the players. Executives say they cannot put their players, staff, and the organization as a whole at risk and thereby canceled the workouts.

General Manager Mike Rizzo emphasized that they will not in the slightest way sacrifice the health and well-being of his players, staff, and their families. He pleads with the Major League Baseball to work quickly to resolve their laboratory problems.

According to reports, Los Angeles Angels had to send saliva samples on their own to a testing clinic in Utah after the testers failed to show up for testing on Sunday.


Will Sean Doolittle opt out of the league season?

Many players have already opted out of the league season, and Doolittle still seems to be in a dilemma whether to sit out or not. “There’s a lot of players right now trying to make decisions that might be participating in the camp that isn’t a hundred percent comfortable with where things are right now” that’s kind of where I am. I think I’m planning on playing but if at any point I start to feel unsafe, if it starts to take a toll on my mental health with all these things we have to worry about, and kind of this cloud of uncertainty hanging over everything, then I’ll opt-out”.

We can’t blame Doolittle; his uncertainty and criticism make sense in every way. People do miss sports, but they need to understand that the lives of the players and staff do matter, they shouldn’t risk their lives to make you happy or anything of that sort.

Most of NBA players have opted out, refused to play in their opening season and many other athletes have been infected with the virus, fear and anxiety are wobbling about in the hearts of many people hence, we can agree with Doolittle that bringing sports back is not the most reasonable choice at the moment

People need to learn, General managers and team bosses need to learn that lives are worth than anything else, if it’s money they want, the players need to live to make that money. Dead or  sick players can’t make money for them(GM’s) or themselves

The coronavirus has not shown any signs of disappearing anytime soon, and as much as people want sports to come back, they need to consider the risks involved. That way, we can get our reward for a functional society back.


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