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Yankee’s DJ LaMahieu opens up about his experience after surviving Covid-19

New York Yankee’s infielder DJ LaMahieu resumed preseason workout this week. He was in self-isolation after he had tested positive for Covid-19. He described the experience as shocking and scary especially because he knew the virus didn’t have a cure


LaMahieu shares his experience

“It was was shocking, its definitely a scary thing when you have something that there’s no cure for. I didn’t have any symptoms, very surprised. I tested positive. I was lucky I wasn’t in contact with anyone when I got the news. I didn’t do a lot, just hung out and tried to get those negative tests and get back as soon as I could,” LaMahieu said.

He had tested positive and was self-isolating in his home at Michigan and returned to New York after two weeks. His manager had announced that he was asymptomatic and was in isolation. LaMahieu explained that he had been in contact with someone who had the virus

A joint committee that includes doctors and non-medical staff cleared LaMahieu before he was allowed to join the team again, as directed by MLB and the MLBPA. The committee’s role is to clear individuals who had tested positive or came into close contact with someone who has the virus.

An individual is supposed to test negative two consecutive times, 24 hours apart to be cleared entirely but leMahieu continued to test positive for some time until an email was sent to the union to rectify that some people can continue testing positive even though the virus is no more in their system

Medical experts explained that this could happen because the person has non-infectious virus particles that are taking time to clear.

LeMahieu confirmed that he got tested now and then, close to 11 or 12 tests every day. He will test negative, and the next test will show positively in that order, which frustrated him because he was feeling perfectly fine.

LeMahieu stayed back while the team went away to prepare for their game against the Mets in three weeks to come. Boone said he hadn’t gotten LeMahieu’s test results before Saturday’s game.

He says LeMahieu will focus on defensive work, batting practice, and training for now. He seemed quite ecstatic about LaMahieu’s return. “Everyone is excited to see ‘the machine’ back in the building.  The strength and conditioning staff will all make their evaluations in consultation with the player, put a plan of action in place over the next couple of days.”


The team will give LaMahieu time to recover

Thames Marcus, Hitting coach, explained that the team is not going to push LaMahieu hard, they will wait for him until he is healthy enough and gives them the green light. He said the team acknowledged his work at Tampa when the virus started making too many waves.  The Thames insists that they are going to take it very slowly for him to recover.

Yankees will be playing on July 23 at Nationals Park, and LaMahieu hopes he can play with them. He says it’s going to be up to trainers and Boone and that even if he is not able to play on opening day, it will be the first few games.

“I think that’s going to be up to the trainers and Booney. But I think I’m gonna be pretty close. If it’s not the opening day, it will be the first few games, but we’ll see how these few days go, and for me, it’s just going to be live at at-bats, the more I get it, the more ready I can become.”

Lewis Cessa, who had also tested positive for Covid-19, told ESPN he has fully recovered but has not been cleared even after having two negative tests. Aroldis Chapman had also tested positive for the virus a few weeks ago. He was experiencing mild symptoms but is doing well. As of now, Manager Boone Aaron says he doesn’t have any news updates on Cessa or Chapman.

The teams decided to give LaMahieu time is the best. He needs time to recover and bounce back. The team must also pay close attention to players; those who test negative must not be neglected; they should be watched clearly and excited until they get better.


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