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Can Jimmy Butler lead Miami Heat to the NBA title at the end of this season?

After missing the playoffs last season, Miami Heat has managed to bounce back this season and secure early qualification for this year’s playoffs before the suspension of the season due to COVID-19. This season has been an excellent campaign for the Heat who are looking to win their first NBA title since 2013 and a potential fourth NBA Championship in their history. Currently, Miami Heat is fourth in the Eastern Conference and 1st in the Southeast Division with an impressive 41-24 win-loss record and a .631 win percentage.

For everyone who has followed the Heat’s campaign so far, there is no that Small Forward Jimmy Butler is the reason why the Miami Heat is in the playoffs this season. In Butler’s first season with the Heat following his move from Philadelphia 76ers via a sign and trade deal in a four-team trade, he has instantly transformed Miami Heat from a struggling team into one of the four best teams in the Eastern Conference this season. Butler’s performances for Miami Heat this season has drawn comparisons with that of LeBron James’ during the “Big Three” era.

With the NBA restart less than a week away, Jimmy Butler will be looking to improve Miami Heat’s record this season and gather momentum ahead of an intriguing playoff in the postseason.


Jimmy Butler’s statistics so far this season

In terms of the numbers this season, Jimmy Butler stands out amongst some of the top players in the NBA in a league of their own. Over the years, Butler has earned the reputation of being one of the most talented players. This season has been no different as Butler has proven once again that he is a valuable asset for any team he plays.

In 54 games for Miami Heat so far this season, Jimmy Butler has averaged 20.2 points per game, 6.6 rebounds per game and 6.1 assists per game. He has also averaged 0.5 blocks per game, 1.7 steals per game, and 2.2 turnovers as well. In total, Butler has recorded 1093 points, 359 rebounds, 331 assists, 29 blocks, 92 steals, and 118 turnovers. He also has a 45.4 Field-goal percentage and 24.8% for 3-Pointers. Butler has also posted 83.3 % for Free-throw percentage this season.

In terms of the NBA leaderboards, Butler ranks 26th overall for the most points per game averages, 38th for the most rebounds per game averages, and 21st overall for the most assists per game averages in the NBA this season.

Butler also ranks 46th in the NBA leaderboards in true shooting percentage among 137 players with at least 500 field-goal attempts. Butler has a .583 percentage (above the league average of .564) in that department. In the open court, Butler’s 1.4 points per possession in the Heat’s transition is second in the league among the 101 players with at least two transition possessions per game.

Butler’s incredible numbers for the Heat this season shows how vital he is to the team. His numbers also indicate how efficient and capable he is in Miami Heat’s attack. His partnership with Power Forward Bam Adebayo up front has been nothing short of explosive for Miami Heat this season.

Jimmy Butler’s numbers for the most points per game averages (20.2) this season also shows how ruthless and lethal he is upfront. Jimmy Butler also ranks far ahead of his Miami Heat teammates in terms of the most points per game averages even though he has played fewer games than some of them due to injury at some stages of the season.

In Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat has gotten a player who is much more than just a star player. In most of the Heat’s games this season, Butler has proven himself to be a productive team player who can also help his teammates to score when he can’t do so which is evident in his assists per game averages (6.1). Butler’s assists per game averages this season is also the highest return by any player on the Miami Heat roster this season. His total number for assists (331) has been his highest return in a single NBA season since his time at Chicago Bulls in the 2016-2017 NBA season.

In the defensive department of the Heat’s game, Butler has also proven to be a huge asset. His average numbers for steals per game this season (1.7) is the highest return from any Heat player this season. The only issue Butler has on the defensive side of his game is his average numbers for blocks per game. His average numbers for blocks per game (0.5) is decent but needs improvement. He would have the opportunity to improve in that department after the restart of the season.


What’s next for Butler?

With the restart around the corner, the concentration for Butler will be on helping Miami Heat to finish the regular season on an excellent note in Orlando and gather momentum. With a playoff spot already secured, there will be less pressure on Butler to deliver as the Heat wouldn’t want to lose their star man to any serious injury before the playoffs. A fit and in-form Butler in the playoffs could provide the Heat with their best shot for NBA title glory this season.


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