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Coronavirus testing protocol in detail, according to the NBA

In a lengthy document of about 100 pages or more, the NBA took it’s time to virtually break down all the necessary details of what it’s all going to be like at Walt Disney World in Florida where the league’s campus is situated when NBA games resume next month.

The 100-plus-page document was sent to the players on Tuesday, and it also included the kind of activities that the players are allowed to do during their free periods and some social distancing guidelines. No other information was of a higher priority than how the NBA plans to deal with it’s positive coronavirus test cases.


The protocols are as follows;

The moment an individual is tested and results indicate that the person is positive for the virus, a couple of processes have been laid out for them to undergo, they include;

  • They will be placed in “Isolation Housing,” which will be a house, hotel, or other facilities that are different from the individual’s previous hotel room, at a location in which no individuals who have not tested positive are residing.


  • They will be administered a second COVID-19 test as soon as possible to guard against the possibility of a false positive. If that second test comes back positive, the person will remain in isolation housing.


  • If the second test comes back negative, a third test will be administered between 24 and 48 hours after the first test. If that test also comes back negative, the person will be allowed to reenter the NBA campus. If it comes back positive, the person will remain in isolation.

It would take only two negative tests in more than 24 hours for an individual to be granted permission to get out of isolation. Since the players will not be quarantined against their will, going through a two-week hold is mandatory.

This applies to players who are probably still in the recovery of some symptoms related to the virus or remain asymptomatic after first testing positive for the virus before they are allowed to pass right before the Cardiac screening. These are all according to the guidelines of the CDC’s cardiac screening.

The NBA will perform contact tracing for the individuals who test positive for the virus with the help of advanced video technology. According to the NBA, anyone who, for some reason, was within 6 feet of someone else who tested positive for the virus for at least 15 minutes will be tagged as “close contact,” as well as individuals who had direct contact or probably coughed on, such individuals will have to go through a mandatory coronavirus testing.

You can’t miss the heavily emphasized protocol for a positive test in the 100-plus-page document since it is one of the many things the NBA covered. It was then summarized in a memo by the National Basketball Players Association and sent to the players earlier on Tuesday. The players have been given until June 24 to have their respective team updated on whether they wish to partake in the league’s return-to-play plan over at Walt Disney World.


Salary structure for players who opt-out of the restart

The NBA, together with the union have reached an agreement that any restarted season, for each game missed, will have their compensation suffer the reduction by 1/92.6th, up to a cap of 14 games. The calculation was derived from the league’s formula used to enact force majeure on the players. It also states that if a player chooses not to participate in games, there won’t be any further pay reductions. The players who fail to go to Orlando, Florida, will be denied pay. However, there is an exception made for both “excused” and “protected” players, according to the memo. Such players are permitted to opt-out of this season, and it won’t in any way affect their salaries.

Players who leave while in Orlando without prior authorization will be required to undergo some processes upon reentry, they include;

  • Enhanced testing (including in-depth nasal swab testing)


  • A 10- to 14-day self-quarantine period


  • A reduction in compensation for any game in which he is unable to play as a result of his absence from campus and the self-quarantine. This will fall under the same guidelines (1/92.6th for each missed game, not to exceed 14 games) as those for players who choose not to go to Orlando.


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