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Dwight Howard is throwing more light on happenings outside the NBA Bubble

A week into the NBA Bubble and Howard, he is receiving attention for his jokes rather than what is most important to him, thus helping his teammates and creating a positive change in the United States.

Howard has been sparking controversies because of videos he has been posting on social media. He told reporters on Saturday that he felt he is compelled to broadcast his experience inside the bubble in Orlando, Florida, to his followers on Instagram to give them some positive messages.

In one of the videos, he captured himself ordering a cocktail from a barren poolside bar, and the second revealed that he had been turned into the NBA hotline, which he described as “snitch line” for not wearing his face mask in common areas like player lounges and hotel lobby.


Howard wants the public and NBA to focus on more crucial matters in society

Howard wants the public and NBA to focus on more crucial matters in society, such as the death of 26-year-old black medical technician Breonna Taylor who was shot eight times on March 13 in Louisville by officers who were serving a narcotics search, other than him not wearing a mask.

“There are things that have been happening that we still need to discuss, Breonna Taylor, the people who did the heinous incident against her, they’re still free. They are out there living their best life,” Howard lamented.

“instead of worrying about if I have my mask on or not, that’s someone we should be discussing. Why haven’t these people been brought out? Why haven’t they been charged for anything or even arrested for what they’ve done? Instead of the topics being about who was at the DJ party, who wasn’t, all of these things seem entertaining, but we aren’t going to forget about what’s going on around our world,” he added.

Howard has been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement for some time now, he pledged his 2019-20 salary remainder, about $70,000 to the charitable initiative, Breathe Again, According to ESPN NBA front office Bobby Marks.he explained the Breathe Again initiative would focus on three main areas aimed at helping the Black community in his hometown, Atlanta.

History lessons, financial acumen, and financial literacy will be looked at. With the case of financial literacy, Howard wants to teach young black kids how to be good and successful entrepreneurs. He is working on a program that will take children and parents to class to teach them essential saving and investing techniques they can pass on to their kids.


Howard believes a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings can be resolved through financial literacy

“These black kids are in the streets selling water and Gatorade, trying to make some money so they can live. But they don’t know how to keep that money,” Howard said, “so we want to give these guys an outlet. We want to teach these guys how to save their money, so when they get older, they can have something to pass on to their kids and kids’ kids”.

He mentioned the sorry of an 18-year-old year Jalanni Pless who was shot because of a dispute over $10 sale of water. “Ten dollars is what cost Jalanni his life. Ten dollars think about it,” Tomeka had said.

Howard believes a lot of conflicts and misunderstandings can be resolved through financial literacy. With agricultural concerns, he wants to give the youth experience on Manning a farm by themselves. He owns a home on a plot of land with more than 400 acres in North Georgia, and he keeps livestock on this farm as well.

He wants to teach them how to “grow, plant, cultivate there different seeds and stuff like that.”

Howard also wants to teach the rights, laws, and history of black people, to give them a sense of self and empowerment by lecturing them about their past, about what no one has told them. He also already posted some of these stories on his Instagram page, the Cuban Giants, The African American Musicians, and the likes.

He insists that people need to focus more on the negativity in the world than what is happening in sports, but it’s essential to know that we are fighting a pandemic that is killing thousands of people. Black lives, all lives matter, and that’s why we should pay more attention to the pandemic at the moment, and when all this is over, if we still want to kill ourselves, we have free will.


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