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Elena Delle Donne will receive her WNBA salary even if she decides to opt-out of 2020 season

Washington Mystics star Elena Delle Donne had opened up about her health is the reason she wants to opt-out, a day later, Mystics announced that they would be paying her salary even if she refused to play.


Manager Mike Thibaut confirmed in a video call that Delle Donne would be paid even if she decides to opt-out of the season

She was diagnosed with Lyme disease nine years ago, and she requested to be exempted from the season and still get paid. Mystics coach and general manager Mike Thibault said in a video call that Delle would be paid throughout the WNBA season even if she is doing the only rehab for the back surgery she underwent in January and decides not to play.

Thibault did not understand why Delle Donne decided to choose between playing in the season and get paid or risk her career an not get paid. “The fact of the matter is the Mystics organization will never put Elena’s or any other of our player’s health and well-being in jeopardy at anytime

“As in the past, with her Lyme disease history and her on-court injuries, all decisions about her ability to play will be made jointly with Elena. She is part of our roster. She is being paid and is continuing to rehab from her offseason surgery”.

Thibault continued to say something about Delle getting herself ready for the following season, but is she up for the task?

30-year-old Elena’s agent Erin Kane told ESPN that she did not precisely understand the parameters of being paid by the Mystics, she thought they would require her to rehab at their training facility in Washington and not her home which would increase her risk of getting infected with the coronavirus since her disease crippled her immune system.

“That’s still a risk she’s not sure she’s willing to take, and for her, the decision has never been about her back. It’s about her Lyme disease and what’s safe”. Kane told reporters that Delle Donne is grateful and appreciates the support being given her, she’s also trying to sort things out mentally.


Delle Donne was shocked when her request got denied

Delle Donne admits to suffering from Lyme disease for nine years and was shocked to have heard that her request was denied. ” I went through the process with the league of submitting all my information. My doctor, who has been treating me for nine years submitted a letter saying: this isn’t safe for her, so when I got the call that I was denied, I was completely shocked” she had said,

“I didn’t really understand, and now it’s almost like I’m asked to ignore the one doctor that heard me and has been treating me and is enabling me to Kind of live a normal life with the protocol and the treatment he’s had on me for years” she added.


She will use this platform to fight for people who also suffer from the same condition

According to Delle Donne, this has paved the way for her to talk about the disease and fight for people who have been ignored for years. She wrote in an open letter that she has to take 64 pills a day because of the sickness, 25 pills for breakfast, 20 after breakfast, another 10 before dinner, and 9 before bed.

Saying her sickness does not put her at high-risk is very wrong, and perhaps that is the reason why the association has reconsidered their decision. Her immune system is not strong enough to contain the virus should she get it, “there have just been so many instances where I’ve contracted something that shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but it blew my immune system put and turned into something scary.” Says Delle.

Lyme disease has affected 60,000 people worldwide per year, but research has shown that the mortality of this disease is low, the after-effects of the disease are dangerous. Considering the number of pills she consumes in a day, it can affect her kidneys in the long term, hence, deciding that her condition doesn’t put her at high risk is wrong.

No one’s sickness or chronic diseases should be degraded in any form, the same way no one’s pain should be considered less or more than others, fans will surely be happy about the new developments. Maybe she might return after the pandemic, perhaps not, she decides to make, and authorities must support her in every way they can.



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