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“I was wrong”, Draymond Green admits

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Team mates can argue too

29-year-old Golden State Warrior Draymond Green has finally apologized after the heated argument he had with his teammate, Kevin Durant during last year’s November game against the Los Angeles Clippers. The feud was a very popular NBA gist in 2018 and has still not died yet.

The reason for the misunderstanding was that Green had refused to pass the ball to Durant for a game-winning shot. The argument heated up even more when Durant’s fans started to support him and they had lost the game to the clippers in the closing seconds of a 106-106 game. Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J Spears of ESPN said the altercation was carried over to the locker room where Green was known to have challenged Kevin Durant about his upcoming agency and also called him a “b***h”.

Months after the altercation, Draymond, in May 2019, came out to point out the reason or reasons why he didn’t apologized to Kevin the next day. He claimed that everyone wanted him to go to Kevin and apologize to him, the organization, the world, everybody but he had told them he will not do it. Reason be that, he believed it was not the right time and he wanted his apology to be genuine and he was not going to do it because everyone had wanted him to, he added that everything would correct itself at the right time.

Durant said Draymond was his brother

Kevin Durant gave him a feedback. He had said as Draymond’s brother, he wasn’t giving him out and he wasn’t siding with people who said he was emotional. He said he had seen him in every situation and how he handled himself. ” That was the excuse everybody allowed you to have and I’m not allowing you to use that excuse anymore” he added.

Green later described Durant’s responds as “big” enough for his own growth. Though he claimed Durant’s opinion mattered to him, it registered differently and forced him to look at it from a different perspective. The arguments seemed unending. Teammates testified that Stephen Curry had played a role bringing the two together in private and spoke to them, according to The Mercury News. Warriors coach Steve Kerr even called Curry a “coalition builder” for smoothing things out between Durant and Draymond.

But before this altercation, they had minor misunderstandings many times two years ago. For instance, in January 2017, Golden State warriors was in the process of surrounding a twenty-four point lead to lose to Grizzlies, Green was spotted scolding Durant on the court. Trailing by two points in the final seconds of the game, Durant dribbled out the clock and stepped into a contested three which he missed. Durant had made a mistake and Green was furious about it but that was ended with a handshake.

In February 2017, another incident took place, only that this time around Draymond responded off the court. This happened during a game where Durant shot poorly from the field and caused Warriors to loose to a Kings teams. After the game, Draymond took to Snapchat to make mockery of the loss, saying “blah blah blah”.

Best defensive NBA player gives his opinion

The best defensive NBA player of the year 2017, Draymond Green has recently opened up on the issue again speaking to ESPN Adrian’s “The Woj Pod” podcast and admitted he was at fault. He told Adrian he has to accept the fact that he was wrong and once he had gotten over his stubbornness, he was able to move on. He said he had lost Durant’s trust and he didn’t know how to get it back. Green added that, he loved Durant like his brother and not knowing what was next in their relationship bothered him. Also plainly admitting that he never apologized to Durant until he came to grips with himself.

Will Draymond and Kevin be close friends again or continue to be arch enemies? Will their feud have a longer lifespan or will Draymond’s apology make a change? Will Durant accept the apology? ” Strength in numbers” is the motto of the Golden Warriors, they obviously had to work together since teamwork is essential for victory if they want the Golden Warriors to be a the greatest team of all time.


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