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It’s A Building Season for The Warriors


Success, like it’s said is more difficult to maintain, than to achieve. This is very applicable to the recent performance of the Warriors. The team have had their fair share of victories; getting to the top of 5 consecutive NBA finals. However, their performance at the beginning of this season failed to be at par with what they are known for. They only got to win their first game on Monday night. This can be partly attributed to the absence of some of their key players and addition of new and younger players. Being on the losing end is no fun for anyone. Nonetheless, the team players are determined to absorb the losses and focus on learning patiently, rebuilding again as it may seem. According to Curry the oldest among his team mates, he is confident that an major improvement will be seen with time. Green also agrees with the idea that the need change would come with time. He also is more focused on adapting a different strategy to fit the present status quo.

Fans of the Clippers Prepare To See More of Shammet And Robinson As They Have Contracts Extended

 Shammet Landry would have to look forward to his third year as a guard of the Los Angeles Clippers. This extension of their contracts which was done on Tuesday would also have Robinson Jerome doing same. Both players who joined the team last year must have certainly impressed its management with their average points and general performance to be considered for yet another year. They definitely are expected to maintain or better still exceed their current ratings in the coming year.

Double Reward For Science Guru, Alex Mckechnie

It is definitely a great time for the science guru of the Toronto Basketball team, Alex Mckechnie who was recently promoted to Vice President. The double side to it is that he also had his contract extended. He must have had really impressive methods and results to be considered for this position by the management of the team. The Raptors who currently hold the Championship Title must have also witnessed the efficacy of Alex’s methods. Kwahi is one to testify to this fact. He finally returned after missing out for a long while during the last season due to a muscular injury. Mckechnie who has been with the Team for eight seasons has one more to make yet another impressive impact.

Hawks To Play Without Young on Thursday

The Atlanta Hawks would have to play without one of their valuable guards, Trae Young. Trae’s absence at Thursday match would be caused by an ankle sprain that occurred during the second quarter on Tuesday night, due to a false landing. It must have been a very painful experience for the young player. He was quoted saying the sprain had been very painful for the simple fact that through his life, his body had experienced very little injuries. However, the good part about this situation is that the injury may not be needing an MRI and he is expected to be fit enough by next week to join the team on the court.

Blazers to Play in the Absence of Zach, After A Shoulder Injury

It seems Zach would have to take some time off to deal with a sustained shoulder dislocation. It seems he may be going to MRI. The Portland’s who are already playing in the absence of Jusuf will have to create another working strategy for an effective interior production. Zach who had dislocated his shoulder on Sunday night is very hopeful about the situation. He is quoted expressing his gratitude about how neatly his should bone went back into his socket. He certainly has reasons to be happy about this development because the pain could have been much worse. Due to the dislocation, Collins had to leave the court during the third quarter of the game. The Blazers were already experiencing 2point lead over Dallas. His return should be hoped for soon but that an idea of that can only be known after his MRI appointment on Monday, to ascertain the extent of his injury.


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