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LeBron James may not claim his fourth NBA title, here’s why

NBA superstar LeBron James faces three main challenges in his relentless fight to attain his fourth league title, he is preparing to face the most difficult of championship pushes in his career.

A couple of days before the plane that the Los Angeles Lakers team boarded took off for Orlando, Florida; Jared Dudley, who was hoping the team would make it to the NBA finals in October, remarked what was to be expected. According to Dudley, “LeBron James is ready for this moment, you can tell. You can see in his beard he is ready, he is ready to lower it down and put that Bigen (hair dye) in ASAP.”


Can LeBron defy the odds and win his fourth ring?

The NBA superstar LeBron James’ disruptive and unusual beard was shaped with shears, and before the Los Angeles Lakers’ restart opener against the Clippers, he also had the flecks of gray painted black. His new makeover gave him the look of a player who was ready to dominate the NBA before hiatus hit in March, even though he had one bumpy run through the seeding games, at best.

Now, for the Los Angeles Lakers to make it to the finals and become the last team standing, LeBron will have not just have to up his game but overcome some very daunting hurdles as well; his superstar sidekick has not been proven in the demanding playoff series, amid the quick turnover, his roster is also being sorted through chemistry questions, and James is getting ready to face his hardest tests yet in the Western Conference finals. “You have to love basketball to be here because there is no extra motivation as far as the excitement from the crowd and things of that nature, James said of bubble environment. “You have got to, like, love the game and love the work and be able to lock in on your craft, and that’s something that I love.”


“Dave McMenamin says that the Los Angeles Lakers ending up with anything less a ring will be a major heartbreak.”

It was never an easy road for James to acquire the three titles he currently has, but the admitted that this week would be one of his most difficult championships pushes in his career so far. He would have to be more prepared than he has ever been to clear these obstacles because any other results that are less than a ring will end in heartbreak.

James will certainly not be getting his usual extra attention from the fans who would line up outside the Los Angeles Lakers hotel to catch a glimpse of their star. The roaring crowd and the goosebumps that come with it will not be in the picture this time around. And the satisfaction he would get after silencing a road arena will not be in play as well. Once the Lakers were able to complete their multiplayer deal to join the forces of Anthony Davis to their crown jewel, LeBron James, one question kept persisting. Do the Los Angeles Lakers the depth required to win it all?

This clears up why, when Bradley had opted out of playing in the bubble for family reasons- his son, six years old Liam was going through a respiratory condition that labeled him as high risk if he were to test positive for the coronavirus—the Lakers were well aware of the veteran guard’s skill set and how it would be difficult to replicate.

And so did James. The superstar who has arguably been able to accomplish more with less throughout his career, compared to any other player in the league, is fully aware of how complementary players can serve as an upper hand to tip the scales. Bradley’s relentless ability to fight through the screens made it easier for the Lakers’ bigs to drop into the paint comfortably and protect the rim. The Lakers were well aware that they would miss Bradley on the defensive end, but it turns out that they have been pining for his perimeter and ball-handling prowess. Since Bradley is not precisely an elite shooter, he was quite the scorer, shooting 36.4% from the 3-point line and averaging 8.6 points.

It would be too much an expectation for players such as JR Smith who has been absent in the game, or Dion Waiters after languishing with the Miami Heat during the early part of the year as a bench player to suddenly come in and jell with a competing team that has no time to process fresh blood.




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