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NBA and Covid-19: 16 out of 302 Players test Positive

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On Friday, 16 players tested positively for coronavirus in the first wave of compulsory tests to prepare for the resumption of the season, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association said.

Those 16 candidates came among a sample of 302 players assessed Tuesday — a 5.3% positive check percentage around the NBA League.


Matters Arising

The figures were near as predicted, Commissioner Adam Silver said, none of the 16 critically ill.

Speaking during Friday’s conference call with National Basketball Players, Silver said that the virus is very unpredictable, and this fact is one thing that medical experts have learned so much about the virus. The conference call also hosted Association executive director Michele Roberts and NBPA president Chris Paul.

“We’re not saying full steam ahead no matter what happens. We all talk daily, and we’re going to see how this continues to play out. But we feel very comfortable right now with where we are.” He added.

For now, all players who have tested positive for the virus will be self-isolated until he is cleared by a doctor after he has gone through and satisfied all the safety protocols.

Though the names of the players were not revealed, individual players such as Malcolm Brogdon of Indiana and Jabari Parker and Alex Len teammates of Sacramento publicly recognize that they were positive recently.

Beginning July 30, the NBA season, which took a break in March, will resume in Orlando, Florida, with 22 teams.

Both Silver and Michele Roberts, NBPA Managing Director, agreed that the count was not higher and that they all awaited a successful result during this time frame.

“Well, I think one would have been concerning, but God forgive me, I’m somewhat relieved that the number was not higher,” Roberts said. “I’m also relieved that we had the foresight to identify the players that would be testing positive now, because our goal, of course, is to make sure that when guys do report to campus, that they’d be reporting having been tested negative.”


How NBA plans to manage covid- 19

Since March 11, after the league to an unexpected indefinite break, issues surrounding its resumption and how the pandemic is going to be managed when the league finally resumes have been raised.

One of the main things that the authorities have planned to put in place is to ensure that information is easy to come by.

Of this cause, the NBA is developing a platform with ties to the official World Health Organisation (WHO) and the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is why the NBA has produced and transmitted interviews with leading medical professionals and scientists. The objective was to strengthen genuine science-based information and resources for health and safety in an attempt to pass through all waste floating in social networks and on the Internet.

Many of the Caring Acts demonstrate that citizens of color and others with disparities in the world were saddened and disproportionately shocked by the pandemic. Yeah, segregation and racial inequality are existing and well or unwell in the United States. The coronavirus Covid-19 has just exposed these long-standing and profoundly integrated issues. As Tony Kirby wrote for The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, there is proof that the pandemic could affect people in black, Asian, and minority ethnicities (BAME) disproportionately.

Also, when a team discovers that a player is at a higher risk of serious disease from the COVID-19, a “protected” player that doesn’t have to register and may not lose pay can be allocated. A team of three physicians will also review the medical records of athletes to decide if an individual is at high risk. He will be “excused” then and will not be receiving a wage.

However, if a player does not follow any of the criteria and refuses to go, a corresponding number of checks will be lost. E.g., for up to 14 games, players who earn $10 million annually lose around $108,000 per game.

ESPN sources indicated that the NBA and NBPA were in touch with the players to help understand how they should function together to cope with challenges and to seek and reach a shared ground and get as many players as possible back onto their teams.


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