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The decision taken by Kentucky Jury concerning Breonna Taylor’s killing does not resonate well with NBA Players

The death of George Floyd sparked a lot of controversies. There were protests, demonstrations, peaceful and not very peaceful ones. Then Breonna Taylor was killed, people including NBA players, have been asking for the killers to be brought to book. The moment finally came, but her killers have not been apprehended, NBA players react.

Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police offers, which were serving an unwarranted drug search. Since then, people took to social media, posting messages like, ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor,’ ‘help bring the killers of Breonna Taylor to book,’ ‘Black Lives Matters’, etc. the much-anticipated verdict finally came Wednesday.


NBA players, led by LeBron James, have expressed sheer disappointment by the verdict of the jury

The grand jury finally spoke. They brought no justice against the police and only got three counts of wanton endangerment against fired officer Brett Hankison for shooting into Taylors neighbors’ homes. That was not the verdict coaches and players in the NBA were expecting. The NBA has been one of the sport disciplines that has raised their voices against racial injustice. The main reason why the news about the jury’s decision hit them badly.

Denver coach Michael Malone is one of the first people to react to the news. “I know we have been using our platform down here to try to bring education and a voice in a lot of players on our team, especially also spoken out on justice for Breonna Taylor, and we have not gotten that justice,” Malone said. Indeed, players had messages calling out racial injustice on their shoes, caps, jerseys. They took the knee during anthems and took to social media to express themselves better. They spoke about her in the news.


“I think the future is female so it’s important to show our sisters that we care.”- Jaylen Brown

Boston forward Jaylen Brown wants to advocate for female rights. He wants to stand beside women. He believes the future is female; that’s why it is essential to fight with them. Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James took to social media to express his disappointment. The Kentucky jury did not meet his expectations.

“I’ve been lost for words today! “James Lamented. “I’m devastated, hurt, sad, and mad! We want justice for Breonna Taylor, yet justice was met for her neighbors’ apartment walls and not her beautiful life. Was I surprised at the verdict? Not but damn it, I was and still am hurt and heavy-hearted! I send my love to Breonna’s mother, family, and friends! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Atlanta coach Lloyd Pierce who leads a committee of NBA coaches to encourage them to use their platforms to create change and promote diversity, did not take the news lightly. He said that the decision of the jury is not right enough, and justice hasn’t been provided for Taylor.

“Yeah there was a grand jury, and yeah, they went through the information, and yeah, they have facts to support whatever claims there maybe, but that doesn’t provide any justice for those that are on the outside. Those that feel like the police and law enforcement are there to protect them… what currently is happening isn’t good enough.” Pierce said.

Michael Roberts, who is the National Basketball Association executive director, shares the same sentiment. “Sadly there was no justice today for Breonna Taylor,” he said. He believes the killing of Taylor was as a result of callous and careless decisions that was made with a lack of regard and respect for humanity. She was a beautiful and young woman who had a whole life ahead of her but was cut short by police brutality and sheer negligence.

There was a boycott that was led by the Milwaukee Bucks in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. The boycott nearly caused players to end the season because they felt they were not getting the attention they needed. Now that the Kentucky jury has given such a disappointing verdict, there will be protests from players, teams, and coaches.

The players have promised that they will not stop protesting and demanding justice. They will continue until their voices are heard because that is the most important thing to do.



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