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The Milwaukee Bucks: The Team of the Moment

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The Bucks’ recent 107-98 victory at Golden State Warriors underlined the Milwaukee-based franchise’s credentials as the biggest threat to any opposition in the NBA. The win was their sixth in their last seven games. They have now tightened their lead on top of both the Central Division and the Eastern Conference. It is fair to say that the Warriors are struggling, but any win over them is still huge and vital for any side that manages to achieve that feat. Based on their recent form, it will be unwise to doubt their capabilities of claiming a first Conference title and a potential NBA championship since the 1970s. Success this season would represent a fair improvement from where they left off last season. Here is a look at their season so far and some of the positives they have gained.

Their Season in Perspective So Far

After suffering a major disappointment of losing in the Eastern Conference finals despite leading 2-1 at a point to eventual NBA Champions, Toronto Raptors last season, anticipation surrounded a team that showed promise and quality going into this season. The Bucks began this season on a positive note with a great win at Western Conference side Houston Rockets. Disappointment followed afterward as they lost their first home game against Miami Heat. They then went to record five wins in the next seven games, including impressive wins over Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Clippers. What was to follow was an early indication of their dominance as they went on an excellent 18-game winning run, the longest winning streak in the NBA so far this season. They have since lost just 3 of their last 12 NBA games. Their record now stands at 33-6. However, it is not only the final results that have people talking. Much emphasis has been on the cohesion in the team and their ruthlessness in games. Most of their victories have come in huge margins. They have only gone into overtime in a game this season, which was their overtime defeat in their second game this season.

Giannis Making the Difference Once Again

It is difficult to take notice of the Bucks’ excellent season without emphasizing the input of Power Forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has once again been instrumental for Milwaukee Bucks. Last season’s league MVP has continued from where he left off last season. He has averaged 30.2 points per game, which is the second-best record by any player in the NBA this season. Giannis’ average points per game is also an increment of his record of 27.7 at the end of last season. He still on course to improve his current tally of average points per game this season. His total tally of points scored so far this season is 1,088, which is 906 less than last season’s overall tally of 1994 points. He is gradually on the path to breaking his personal best record of 2014 points from the 2017-2018 NBA season.

Aside from his efficiency in the scoring department, he is also impactful in the other areas of the game. Giannis has averaged 12.8 rebounds per game, giving him a total 461 rebounds (88 Offensive rebounds and 373 defensive rebounds), which is more than half of last season’s overall tally of 898 rebounds. Giannis has also averaged 5.5 assists per game with the total tally of 199 assists so far this season. He currently has the record for the highest points in a single game this season after he scored 50 points in the 122-118 home victory over Utah Jazz earlier in the season. He has also scored the highest points in 29 of the 36 games he has played this season.

Based on these statistics, it is fair to say that the Bucks will not be where they are at the moment without his significant contributions to the team. His impressive displays have also brought the best out of a couple of his teammates, including Small Forward Khris Middleton and Point Guard Eric Bledsoe, who have been beneficiaries of Giannis’ services. It is fair to say that he has finally reached his full potential.

Impressive Home Record

Behind their overall success of the Bucks, this season is their formidable record at home. Many opposing sides who have traveled to the Bucks this season have come back empty-handed. The Bucks have only lost twice in their 20 games this season, which is a clear representation of their strength at home. Their last defeat at home came in the early part of December. That defeat was also their first at home since they lost in overtime to Miami Heat in their opening home game. A continuation of their impressive home record could be pivotal in their final position at the end of the season.




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